Samurai Flamenco’s Turning Point

Genki Samurai Flamenco WTF Moment

Massive Spoilers

It has been five days but I’m still trying to recover from episode seven of Samurai Flamenco. In the future, when humanity lives in their sky cities maintained by tsundere robot maids, historians will look back at the greatest achievements of the post-modern age and this episode will be forever remembered for having the greatest WTF moment in the history of ANYTHING.

The moment was special.

The moment made me yell “OH MY GOD!”

Samurai Flamenco OH MY GOD

It was the moment when anime said “f*ck you” to reality and I laughed so hard I almost choked on a cake!

It is a moment I remember when it is least appropriate and a big stupid grin spreads across my face and I so desperately want to whisper Guillotine Gorilla.

Come on those of you who have seen it… Whisper it… GUILLOTINE GORILLA

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