Ku_On クオン (2013)

Ku_On                                          Ku_On Poster

Japanese Title: クオン 久遠 

Running Time: 78 mins.

Seen at the Raindance Independent Film Festival

Director: Takayuki Hatamura

Writer: Takayuki Hatamura

Starring: Hidemasa Shiozawa, Haruna Isaoka, Seiko Seno, Yusei Tajima, Sou Sato, Shizuka

We begin 200 years in the past in a small village in the Tohoku region. A man is about to commit suicide.

Cut to a prison where a man in an orange jump-suit named Ushio is having a parole meeting. His interviewer takes a gander at his art. It’s all abstract (enough of a crime for some) but the colours and shapes are violent.

Cut to a mental hospital where two women talk to each other. The talk turns into an argument and one named Sayo leaves.

These incidents will link up when weeeeee…

Cut to Hiroyuki Sano, a 26-year-old office drone and our protagonist. He is standing over his body after inadvertently transferring his mind into that of a work colleague. Now his original body lies on the floor, an empty husk devoid of life.

Ku_On Sano

Panicking, he tries his best to revive himself, shaking his former body manically only to be discovered by an OL who was out for coffee. Understandably she freaks out at the sight of him shaking an unconscious man about but Sano could still save the situation by explaining that he has run across a chap who has collapsed or maybe is acting or anything but what he does next… he makes the mistake of running.

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