Japanese Films at the Leeds International Film Festival 2013 Part 2: Live-Action

Genki Leeds International Animation Film Festival 2013 Banner

The 27th Leeds International Film Festival takes place from November 06th to the 21st and there are quite a few live-action films getting screened thanks to a Masaki Kobayashi retrospective and two more recent titles. There is also an international co-production based on a Japanese artist so that’s included. Here is the selection of films on offer. Click on the titles to find out more including how to book tickets which are on sale now!

The Masaki Kobayashi Retrospective looks to have a very respectable collection of titles from an important name in post-war Japanese cinema. People weaned on more modern Japanese films may be aware that Takashi Miike adapted two of his titles back in 2011. The festival gives audiences a chance to taste. Of all these titles I have only seen Kwaidan so if I were at the festival, I’d definitely see this selection.


Harakiri                              Hara Kiri Film Poster

Japanese Title: 切腹

Romaji: Seppuku

Running Time: 133 mins

Director: Masaki Kobayashi

Writer: Shinobu Hashimoto (Screenplay), Yasuhiko Takiguchi (Original Novel)

Starring: Tatsuya Nakadai, Akira Ishihama, Shima Iwashita, Tetsuro Tanba, Masao Mishima, Kei Sato

Of all Masaki Kobayashi’s attacks on the cruelty and inhumanity perpetrated by authoritarian power, perhaps none are more brilliant than his visceral, mesmerising Harakiri. In a stunning performance, Tatsuya Nakadai (who stars in all the Kobayashi films screening in LIFF27) plays a masterless down-and-out samurai who enters the manor of Lord Iyi, requesting to commit ritual suicide on his property. Suspected of simply fishing for charity, Hanshiro is told the gruesome tale of the last samurai who made the same request but Hanshiro will not be moved.

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