East Winds Film Festival 2013 Information

The East Winds Film Festival is just over a month away and information is being released about its line-up. The website gives a glimpse of what films are on offer and so far from a Japanese film fan’s perspective there is a notable J-horror title in the form of Koji Shiraishi’s film CULT:

CULT                                        CULT Film Poster

Japanese Title: カルト

Romaji: Karuto

Running Time: 84 mins.

Director: Koji Shiraishi

Writer: Koji Shiraishi (Screenplay)

Starring: Mayuko Iwasa, Yu Abiru, Mari Iriki, Natsumi Okamoto, Mari Hayashida, Hajime Inoue, Ryosuke Miura,

Koji Shiraishi loves scaring idols in his horror films. Noroi the Curse featured idols, White Eyes featured idols and the Ada Senritsu hen/Ada Zetsubou hen films released last week featured idols. Seeing pretty girls get chased by ghosts can be pretty fun. In this film  Mayuko Iwasa and her idol girlfriends are taking part in a paranormal television show covering the exorcism of the mother and daughter of the Kaneda family. A mysterious shaman/demon hunter seems to be the only hope to save everyone involved! This is the UK premiere and it takes place on Halloween!

The film was released back in July and was one of a trio of J-horror titles released over three weeks. The film was directed by Koji Shiraishi (Noroi: The Curse) and starred a set of idol girls getting tormented by spooks. This is one of the titles on offer and as the days go on more will be revealed. To go back to Japanese films, if the two other films released in this trilogy and another J-horror released recently, The Seeds of Anxiety, get a screening I reckon this will be a pretty good line-up of recent J-horror.

 Here’s a press release with more details:

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