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GFP Bunny Main Protagonist Yuka Kuramochi

It finally happened. My ego was too big for one blog. I started a new one.

Actually I have been thinking about doing it for a while but I finally took the plunge when I had a lazy five minutes at home and created a slideshow using my random images in my download folder and played some Touhou music to it. It looked awesome. Imagine all of the anime, film images and posters and manga that came up in a haphazard way… Glorious.

Anyway, my computer is stuffed full of images and I want to do more than have them take up space on my hard drive. They can now take up space on the line… I mean online. Every film/anime review on this blog will be accompanied by a flurry of images on my Tumblr. I’ll also make Gifs to put on there because I like making them but I rarely use them here. There will also be random stuff like Jonathan Meads and video games. I’ll also start uploading a film poster a day so people can track down their favourites. I may also highlight certain films. This week, it’s GFP Bunny.

What is the Tumblr called? It is called Genkinahito. How inventive. Time to shine.


11 thoughts on “Genkina Hito Tumblr Blog

  1. Does having more blogs related to ego? well, that makes me have bigger ego than you 😉
    I have 3 blogs, 1 tumblr, 1 instagram, and 3 twitter accounts 😆

    I will add your tumblr but you don’t have to add mine as mine is only pure fangirling 😉

    1. Wow, that’s a lot of social media! I don’t even use Twitter properly. I miss out on all sorts of conversations, even when I start them!

      I’ll add your Tumblr 🙂

      1. hahaha…yeah thanks to my turtles 😉
        I am very active in twitter…but only 1 account, the other two are rarely updated (one for working purpose and one for my turtles)

        I really like twitting…you should twit more 😉

      2. I tend to focus on WordPress but Twitter is useful for getting into contact with certain people. I’ll definitely check it once a day instead of once every so often. Tumblr will get used once a day for images.

        I’m just watched the first episode of Shokuzai. Awesome stuff.

      3. WP in my main focus too…I only twit through phone not while I am busy with my computer.

        I know!!! Looking forward to read your review 😉
        It’s a shame that not everyone can see it…I mean many movie lovers tend to ignore movies from Asian 😦

      4. I have Twitter on my phone but I rarely use it. Heck, I rarely use my phone for anything apart from making calls and playing Monkey Island.

        The first episode was good. It’s definitely got me thinking about big ideas surrounding choice and trauma. Yu Aoi was great.

  2. I actually recently expanded to Tumblr too, but primarily for people who use Tumblr to follow my wordpress blog through that option…. I haven’t really posted any other things (two exceptions).

    So, what’s next, Pininterest? (I have that too, but it is barely related to film… more food and DIY projects, though I’m collecting manga images and k/j drama video clips in some corners too).

    1. Just read your tagline… “Follow me and I’ll follow you”? Ha, I refuse to do that kind of thing. A friend of mine was begging me to like some random page on FB the other day and I rejected him rather brutally.


      1. Just using WordPress, Twitter and Tumblr is going to take up enough time for now although I may get into Pinterest at some point – I noticed some people on that service have pinned me or whatever the saying is. I’ll have to look at what it’s best points are. Tumblr is going to be used for images.

        Pfft. I’ll beg for followers if necessary. I have no pride…

  3. I have Tumblr, but I rarely use it (sorry Tumblr). It ended up just posting links to the main blog. I thought of making the blog’s own Pinterest, but I don’t think I can manage it. Perhaps I can make my own board for it.

    Congrats for your new Tumblr! Hopefully it’s far more productive than mine 🙂

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