Genkina Hito Tumblr Blog

GFP Bunny Main Protagonist Yuka Kuramochi

It finally happened. My ego was too big for one blog. I started a new one.

Actually I have been thinking about doing it for a while but I finally took the plunge when I had a lazy five minutes at home and created a slideshow using my random images in my download folder and played some Touhou music to it. It looked awesome. Imagine all of the anime, film images and posters and manga that came up in a haphazard way… Glorious.

Anyway, my computer is stuffed full of images and I want to do more than have them take up space on my hard drive. They can now take up space on the line… I mean online. Every film/anime review on this blog will be accompanied by a flurry of images on my Tumblr. I’ll also make Gifs to put on there because I like making them but I rarely use them here. There will also be random stuff like Jonathan Meads and video games. I’ll also start uploading a film poster a day so people can track down their favourites. I may also highlight certain films. This week, it’s GFP Bunny.

What is the Tumblr called? It is called Genkinahito. How inventive. Time to shine.