GFP Bunny, Final Gintama: The Movie – Be Forever Yorozuya, Final Girl: Last Girl Standing, I Did Not Go on the Trip, Ninja Kids!!! 2 Summer Mission Impossible, Taiwan Identity and Other Japanese Film Trailers

As One (Ha Ji-Won)This week has been very busy for me. A promotion… or maybe a sideways move between departments… at work means I get more hours at the gallery and less time watching films and anime and writing. I’d cry but it places me in the rather unique position of possibly getting sent to Japan on business… Fingers crossed, this actually works out!

I spent most of this week watching the final episodes of Red Data Girl, My Youth Rom-Com and Aku no Hana and wrote up reviews for World War Z and The Berlin File and desperately trying to whip together a review for See You Tomorrow, Everyone which is proving harder than expected. In a post film discussion with Alua and Tired Paul I was certain about what I thought but putting it into words has been tough.

What films are released today?


GFP Bunny                                                   GFP Bunny Thallium Girl

Japanese Title: GFP BUNNY タリウム少女のプログラム

Romaji: GFP Bunny Tariumu Shoujo no Puroguramu 

Running Time: 82 mins.

Director: Yutaka Tsuchiya

Writer: Yutaka Tsuchiya

Starring: Yuka Kuramochi, Kanji Furutachi, Makiko Watanabe, Takahashi,

Trailer of the week. Heck, I’ve wanted to see this film for so long it hurts. I don’t need to see the rest. I so want to see this film and the chances of it coming to the UK seem slim but one can always hope. It sounds so twisted and it seems to push the medium plus it has some great actors. It has appeared at the Rotterdam International Film Festival which I reported on and where the following blurb comes from…

Yutaka Tsuchiya is considered one of the more interesting names amongst indie film makers in Japan and scored major kudos with his film Peep “TV” Show. He has been largely silent since then but now he has released this interestingly titled film which stars Kanji Furutachi who has appeared in trashy genre pieces like Dead Waves and great films like The Woodsman & the Rain and Dreams for Sale. He is supported by Sion Sono regular Makiko Watanabe (HimizuLove Exposure).


Apparently based on a true story (with some key facts changed), we follow the actions of Thallium Girl (Kuramochi) who is slowly poisoning her mother with thallium and records her detached world view in her diary. It is clear she has some mental problems which are exacerbated by bullying at school. This just causes her to retreat from reality into a darker place.


Final Gintama: The Movie – Be Forever Yorozuya   Gintama Final Film

Japanese Title: 劇場版 銀魂 完結篇 万事屋よ永遠なれ

Romaji: Gekijouban Kanketsuhen Yorozuya Yo Eien Nare

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: N/A

Director: Yoichi Fujita

Writer: Hideaki Sorachi (Screenplay)

Starring: Tomokazu Sugita (Gitoki Sakata), Rie Kugimiya (Kagura), Daisuke Sakaguchi (Shinpachi Shimura), Akira Ishida (Katsura Kotarou), Fumiko Orikasa (Yagyuu Kyuubei), Kenichi Suzumura (Sogo Okita)

This is billed as the final Gintama movie. It’s based on one of those anime series that has 100+ episodes and lots of battles. Kind of like Naruto. I must admit I haven’t seen it but I’m not into shounen anime so there. Actually the setting sounds interesting – a ronin who is engaged as an odd-jobs sort of chap in Edo era Japan under alien domination. This new film is written by original manga-ka Hideaki Sorachi and directed by Yoichi Fujita, the man who handled a lot of the television episodes as well as the comedy Binbogami Ga! The seiyuu from the TV anime are returning with Tomokazu Sugita (Kyon in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) reprising the role of Gitoki, Rie Kugimiya (Masako in Ghost Hunt) voicing Kagura and Daisuke Sakaguchi (Hyou in Mononoke) voicing Shinpachi.

Final Girl: Last Girl Standing                                   Last Girl Standing School Trip Film Poster

Japanese Title: 終焉少女 Last Girl Standing

Romaji: Shuuen Shoujo Last Girl Standing

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 35 mins.

Director: Kentaro Yamagishi

Writer: Sho Kubota (Screenplay)

Starring: Suzuka Morita, Hitomi Miyake, Naomi Anzai, Keina Koshino, Yukie Kawamura

I’m used to seeing cute idols getting scared to death in horror movies but this is ew. Die Hard 2 crossed with AKB48! Gore, guns and girls! I loe it. When terrorists take over a school it is up to the students to rescue. Said students are idols in groups like PASSPO ☆. It looks as silly as it sounds but hey, the school girl fetish in anime has resulted in creating shows about school girls and tanks and assault rifles so why not? The only cast member I recognise is Yuki Kawamura (Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, Carved 2).


I Did Not Go on the Trip              Last Girl Standing School Trip Film Poster

Japanese Title: ボクが修学旅行に行けなかった理由

Romaji: Boku ga Shuugakuryokou ni Ikenakatta Riyuu

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 40 mins.

Director: Shogo Kusano

Writer: Shogo Kusano (Screenplay)

Starring: Karin Ogino, Mayu Tomita, Mio Masui, Ai Negishi, Koji Yamamoto, Saeko Makita, Maki Fukumi, Miyu Inamori

Remember that trailer about school girls shooting up terrorists? You should, it was just aboe. Well, if you didn’t find that distasteful, here’s another genre flick starring the idols from P ☆ GIRLS who sneak into their performing arts school at night and reveal pent up emotions. No ghosts. No violence. Just fun and games and talking. This one is directed by Shogo Kusano who is best known from his 2012 film Empty.


Ninja Kids!!! 2 Summer Mission Impossible  Ninja Kids 2 Film Poster    

Japanese Title: 忍たま 乱太郎 夏休み 宿題 大作戦! の段

Romaji: Nintama Rantaro Natsuyasumi Shukudai Daisakusen! No Dan

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 88 mins.

Director: Ryuta Tasaki

Writer: Masayuki Ikeda (Screenplay)

Starring: Seishiro Kato, Roi Hayashi, Hiroki Uchi, Ken Nishida, Renji Ishibashi

Ninja Kids!!! is back for a sequel!!!. Rantaro and friends must take extra courses during their summer vacation to stay in Ninjutsu school but when a mysterious castle appears out of nowhere he finds himself in a quest to retrieve a demon blade with immense powers. While I enjoyed the antics of the Ninja Kids!!! in the Miike film the trailer doesn’t leave me too enthusiastic for their forthcoming adventures. It’s directed by Ryuta Tasaki (Salvage Mice).


Shin Usagi Yasei no Tohai                Shin Usagi Film Poster

Japanese Title: 真・兎 野性の闘牌

Romaji: Shin Usagi Yasei no Tohai

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 84 mins.

Director: Yuichi Onuma

Writer: Makoto Ito (Original Manga), Yuichi Onuma (Screenplay)

Starring: Kazuma Sano, Ayame Misaki, Hideo Sakaki, Ayu Higashi, Yutaro Imai, Haruka Kurosawa, Marika Fukunaga, Kenjia Matsuda

Makoto Onuma’s gambling manga gets a big screen adaptation nearly two decades since it was first published in 1996! It is directed by Yuichi Onuma who is also helming the Schoolgirl Complex manga to movie adaptation which will get released later this year. It stars a lot of pretty young actors like Haruka Kurosawa (Vampire Heaven) and Marika Fukunaga (Ju-On: Old Lady in Black) but there are some older actors in the shape of Hideo Sakaki and Kenji Matsuda who have appeared in titles like Versus and Ju-On: The Grudge.

High school student Shun Takeda (Sano) is the victim of bullies. When he is forced to play Ikasama Mahjong he bolts when he realises he has a bad hand. His actions attract the attention of Ai Yamaguchi (Misaki) who notices his skill at Mahjong and tries to get him to join the gambling group called ZOO.


Jukai: Mount Fuji Suicide Forest       Jukai Suicide Forest Film Poster

Japanese Title: 樹海のふたり

Romaji: Jukai no Futari

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 124 mins.

Director: Hideya Yamaguchi

Writer: Hideya Yamaguchi (Screenplay)

Starring: Toshiyuki Itakura, Atsushi Tsutsumishita, Kumiko Endo, Setsuko Karasuma, Kitaro, Yumiko Fujita, Tsubasa Inoue

Mount Fuji as a suicide spot only came to my attention because of the Kurosawa Corpse Delivery Service manga. The reason why people commit suicide there is that it’s so quiet. Hanging is a favourite method due to wild creatures disfiguring bodies. It’s pretty distressing stuff when you consider how hopeless one must feel to opt out of life. There are plenty of suicide films but few that I know of set somewhere famous like Mount Fuji. This drama changes that by sending characters to the location and showing the impact it has on them while satirising TV. The only actor I recognise is Kitaro (A Story of Yonosuke, Fine Totally Fine).

Takeuchi (Itakura) and Abe (Tsutsumishita) are TV directors who make a documentary where they interview people who want to commit suicide on Mount Fuji. Their documentary is a success and the TV company wants a sequel but exploiting the suicidal for ratings causes guilt in the two.



Soreike! Anpanman: Tobase! Handkerchief of Hope Soreike Anpanman Tobase Handkerchief of Hope Film Poster

Japanese Title: それいけ!アンパンマン とばせ!希望のハンカチ

Romaji: Soreike! Anpanman: Tobase! Kibo no Handkerchief

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 84 mins.

Director: Takashi Yanase

Writer: Tomoko Konparu (Screenplay)

Starring: Keiko Toda, Ryusei Nakao, Mikio Date, Takeshi Tomizawa,

Takashi Yanase is the creator of Anpanman and, until last year, he was head of the Japan Cartoonists association. He’s back with the latest film involving his massively popular children’s superhero. The film is written by Tomoko Konparu and she has handled series composition for things like Chi’s Sweet Home and written the scripts for Master Keaton and Dirty Pair. All bases covered! In this tale Anapanman teams up with an elephant named Pao who lives in the clouds and the two try to clean up the air using a handkerchief or something… On top of this film there will also be a short one about mischievous ghosts and cuddling. This is clearly kids stuff but it looks nice. From the images. Couldn’t find a trailer.

Taiwan Identity                                          Taiwan Identity Film Poster

Japanese Title: 台湾アイデンティティー

Romaji: Taiwan Aidentiti-

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 102 mins.

Director: Mitsuko Sakai

Writer: N/A

Starring: N/A

Mitsuko Sakai has been mentioned on this blog before with her documentary about Taiwanese architect Guo Maolin. She’s back with another doc on Taiwan. Taiwan Identity is a documentary exploring the views of six people a generation of people who lived under Japanese rule which stretched from 1895 to 1945. It explores issues like the end of World War 2, the 228 Incident and independence as well as views on Japan. This is a follow-up to Mituko’s doc Taiwan Life (2008)


GOGO Ikemen 5                                          GOGO IKEMEN Film Poster

Japanese Title: GOGOIkemen 5

Romaji: GOGOイケメン5

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 84 mins.

Director: Sakurako Fukuyama

Writer: Ibuki Sakura (Original Manga), Sakurako Fukuyama (Screenplay)

Starring: Young Min, Min Woo, Dong Hyun, Jung Min, Hyun Seong, Kwang Min, Maari, Sintaro Akutsu, Sara Takatsuki, Eisuke Sasai


This stars the Korean idol band Boyfriend and is actually based on a light novel series. Well, I’ve seen worse. I’m not a female so in the absence of love and adoration over their pretty boy features I can only watch this feeling jealousy. Utter, intense, hatred-grade jealousy.

Five pretty boys who are mobbed by female high school students (the lucky swine, if only I was that popular ;_;) are tired of girls who only care about their appearance (I can deal with them if you want guys…) so they give up on finding real love until they meet Kanna who is pure and natural. They all fall in love with her and fight each other for her affection (seriously guys, send me some of those pretty and shallow women if you find them a problem).


Election                                Election Film Poster

Japanese Title: 選挙

Romaji: Senkyo

Release Date: July 06th, 2013

Running Time: 149 mins.

Director: Kazuhiro Soda

Writer: N/A

Starring: Kazuhiko Yamauchi

Kazuhiro Soda’s documentary follows Kazuhiko Yamauchi’s attempts to get a place on Kawasaki City Council as part of the Liberal Democratic Party on a Nuclear Power agenda after the Great East Japan Earthquake. 

14 thoughts on “GFP Bunny, Final Gintama: The Movie – Be Forever Yorozuya, Final Girl: Last Girl Standing, I Did Not Go on the Trip, Ninja Kids!!! 2 Summer Mission Impossible, Taiwan Identity and Other Japanese Film Trailers

  1. “places me in the rather unique position of possibly getting sent to Japan on business”

    Ah, so that was what you were hinting at… *fingers triple crossed for you*

    Trailer-wise, I can’t say anything grabs my attention here.

    What’s with the Ha Ji-won / As One picture on top? Is that a clue or something?

  2. Hey Jason
    Congratulations on your promotion/sideways move – hope it all works out with the trip to Japan – that’ll be like a dream come true won’t it.
    Do you find with your reviews that you have to write them straight away or do you ponder them. I tend to do mine straight away otherwise I lose the words a little, plus I still carry on reading and then I end up with a backlog of reviews which makes me stressed – and it’s not supposed to be stressful is it!
    Lynn 😀

    1. Thanks! 🙂 If it does happen it will be totally awesome.

      I write notes during films and then use them for the basis of my reviews. The closer to a film I write a review to the easier the process of writing is and I can add more emotion rather than just a clinical analysis. Lately I’ve had to re-watch films because I’m so slow in reviewing them…

  3. Anne's Anime Blog

    I’m actually watching Gintama right now (read most of the manga). Nowhere close to reaching the last movie O_o. The great thing about Gintama, is that even though it is shonen-ish, it plays out as a satire on different parts of japanese/anime culture. It’s sort of like the Japanese equivalent to the Simpsons. Being loosely episodic, I’ve been watching an episode here & there for about a year:P

    1. As soon as I saw the number of episodes stretch beyond 100 I figured I’d never watch it but you make it sound smarter than I thought it would be so I’ll give it a shot at some point 🙂

  4. Anne's Anime Blog

    OMG, just finished reading through your article completely. Whaaat? New Ninja Kids! Hope I’m not too old to enjoy this one.

    1. WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT GFP BUNNY? Will someone agree with me that it looks so damn interesting? 😉

      Have you watched the first Ninja Kids film? I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

      1. Anne's Anime Blog

        No, I guess I haven’t. As a child, I watched Ninja Kids on repeat, but I just noticed that there are two different movies named Ninja Kids. The one I was crazy about was made in 1986 -_-
        Btw, I think GFP Bunny looks plenty interesting. It’s just a bit too psychologically intense for me right now. If she hurts that bird…(what am I kidding, she’s going to kill it! The trauma!)

      2. The Ninja Kids!!! films I watched earlier this year was my first encounter with the franchise. I bet you’ll like the 2011 Miike one. It’s very good-natured and fun.

        I’m against animal cruelty… unless it’s the anime Dog and Scissors or Excel Saga. Then it’s funny.

  5. Tired Paul

    Congrats on the job situation! Sounds promising!

    I’m super excited for the Gintama movie, watched the Anime and watched the first movie which was essentially an arc from the manga / anime tv show, only with a little more pizazz, super excited for a new story.

    Been meaning to watch the first Campaign after watching Mental at a Premiere Japan event in 2009 (Still seriously butt hurt that this event no longer happens) Kazuhiro Soda was there for a Q&A after…..he can make an interesting Documentary.

    p.s. GFP Bunny looks interesting in an unsettling way.

    1. The job has a lot of promise and even more hours than usual, plus I’m dealing with the public so it’s pretty exciting and exhausting but I think it will be good for me what with the new opportunities I get. I’m trying to get Shokuzai finished and the anime first impressions before getting back into film reviews. Drudgery Train is on my hit-list.

      At least you mentioned GFP Bunny… It looks so damn interesting the idea of not seeing it hurts.

  6. I’m still slogging through the Gintama anime, but if you’re in the mood for a frenetic anime, that’s the show to watch. Certain episodes are downright hilarious, some are dull affairs, certain ones are stupid, others rely on toilet humor, are often maudlin and sentimental, and some story arcs amaze and shock you with the high quality of animation and serious, action-packed storyline. It’s kind of hard to describe this show, because it tries to be everything at one time or another and often engages in delicious parody and breaking of the 4th wall. Since you like Excel Saga, I’d imagine you’d highly enjoy this show too.

    I wonder whether I should watch the movies now or wait until I’ve gone through the six seasons of the TV show.

    1. It’s like Excel Saga? That’s even more of a recommendation. I just figured it was more of a straighter samurai/aliens show. A chap in my Japanese class was raving about it as well but I ignored him. I’ll book a holiday off work for the summer and dip into it at some point.

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