Terracotta Far East Film Festival Recovery

Terracotta Far East Film Festival Genkina hito Image

I got back from London and the Terracotta Far East Film Festival where I watched four films and met up with fellow bloggers/cinephiles. The films were:

A Story of Yonosuke,

See You Tomorrow, Everyone,

The Berlin File,

The Land of Hope,

Expect reviews for three of the films starting next week. Why three films? Well when it comes to the top three films in the list I’m clear in what I think about them but I’m holding my fire on The Land of Hope so I can analyse it when I’m in a better frame of mind (read: not tired after having lots of fun with fellow cinephiles!).

I’d also like to mention the David Bowie Exhibition at the V&A which I visited twice!!!). Very excellent!

As someone who works for a gallery I was impressed and inspired by the high quality of the exhibition, the use of mixed media and the attention to detail. There was everything Bowie from costumes (his suit from the video Life on Mars? for instance) and sheet music and lyric books to music videos, clips from movies  he has starred in. The interactive headphones worked a treat relaying excellent music and quotes and changing depending upon the area I was in! Bowie was influenced by Japan and there are a great many things that reflect that like the costumes designed by Kansai Yamamoto.

I’d like to thank Alua and Tired Paul for being great hosts and having awesome conversations with and introducing me to bubble tea, and I’d like to thank Terracotta/Third Window Films for continuing to screen interesting Asian films.

Hmm, how to end this post… With an awesome music video (not Bowie but it’s God-tier)!

I love Polysics and great Japanese films.

Zombideo Gore

6 thoughts on “Terracotta Far East Film Festival Recovery

  1. Anne's Anime Blog

    David Bowie is awesomeness level infinity. When he teamed up with Freddy Mercury for “Under Pressure”, I’m surprised the universe didn’t form a strange paradox & explode. I’m jealous I won’t get a chance to see that exhibition.

    1. David Bowie is awesomeness personified. Is “Under Pressure” your favourite David Bowie song? I’m more of a “Life on Mars” chap although I have been listening to “Everyone Says Hi”!

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