Why Don’t You Play in Hell? Teaser Trailer Sion Sono’s Next Film Release

Why Don’t You Play in Hell?           Why DOn't you Play in Hell Film Image

Japanese Title: 地獄 で なぜ 悪い Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

Romaji: Jigoku de Naze Warui Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

Release Date: September 28th, 2013 (Japan)

Running Time: N/A

Director: Sion Sono

Writer: Sion Sono (Screenplay),

Starring: Jun Kunimura, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Fumi Nikaido, Tomochika, Hiroki Hasegawa, Kotou Lorena, Gen Hoshino

Sion Sono has three projects on the go. I have posted about the live-action dorama All Esper Dayo! which is screening on Japanese television. I have also posted about the casting call for Tokyo Tribes in pre-production. His third feature is Why Don’t You Play in Hell? and a teaser trailer was recently released for it. Thanks to fellow hardcore Sion Sono fan Tired Paul I found out about the trailer and I have to say that watching the trailer made me really happy.

Muto (Kunimura) and Ikegami (Tsutsumi) are rival gangsters who despise each other but there’s a catch for Ikegami… he loves Muto’s actress daughter Michiko (Nikaido). Part of the reason she’s an actress is because it is the dream of her mother Shizue (Tomochika) and so Muto is out to make that dream happen. Enter Koji (Hoshino), a passer-by who is mistaken for being a film director. When dealing with gangsters you don’t mess about so Koji gets indie film director Hirata (Hasegawa) to cast Michiko as the lead actress in his film but it soon goes all wrong.

I’m sure you’re happy after watching the trailer. The violence! The blood! Twisted kissing! Swords and knives! The screaming! The rainbow colours! The opera! A waterslide flowing with blood in a house! OH GOD, A REBELLIOUS CRAZY SONO FILM! LIFE IS WORTH LIVING.

The cast is pretty damn awesome with the ever-watchable Jun Kunimura (Vital, Outrage) playing a Yakuza. His rival is Shinichi Tsutsumi, the male lead in One Missed Call and a pretty good actor. Fumi Nikaido (Himizu), one of Japan’s rising actresses looks like a sadistic and cool character who might run with Aiko in with Cold Fish.

It looks like Sono is veering back to the crazy, careening, balls out and intense films from early in his career that his fans love him for. The script for this was originally written as an action film 15 years ago which would make it before Suicide Club and Strange Circus so that sounds just about right for the tone. The carnage and the locations shown remind me of the climax of Noriko’s Dinner Table. I’m babbling now. I think I’ll watch the teaser for the 30th time!

8 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Play in Hell? Teaser Trailer Sion Sono’s Next Film Release

  1. Tired Paul

    Love that little poster thingy, hope it stays around.

    Watched the teaser four times now……don’t think I’m going to watch it anymore and I think I’ll try to avoid a main trailer like what I did with Love Exposure.

      1. Tired Paul

        How are you finding it? Since telling you about it I’ve re-watched the entire first season and am mostly through the second!

        First episode of All Esper Dayo! is almost done.

      2. I’m really enjoying it. Comparisons to Bartender are accurate and the characters are engaging. I like the laid back feel and the fact we’re getting different little stories.

        Jo Odagiri had a tiny role but I suspect, like the others, he will tell his story.

      3. Tired Paul

        I’m yearning for more……..hopefully judging by release dates of the first and second season we can expect a third season in October this year! (wishful thinking)

      4. I’ll write a post about it soon enough. By the time October comes I’ll be up to date 😉

        Now I’m going to watch Bakumatsu Tayo-den since I ended up watching A Woman Named Abe Sada yesterday.

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