Genkina Hito and the LAMMY Awards 2013

I joined the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Bloggers) nearly two years ago (around the time I was playing The Last Window: Secret of Cape West!) with the intention of bringing a greater focus to Japanese films and anime and informing people about film releases and festivals. I feel like I am doing that but since I joined the LAMB I have participated in few of the many events they organise (to be honest, if it isn’t related to Japanese or Korean cinema I tend to overlook it). I did participate in one which collected any and all J-horror themed reviews where I submitted five reviews. So I was surprised when I found out that I was submitted for consideration in the category of Best Movie Genre Blog for my efforts thanks to my friend Bonjour Tristesse!

The submission stage is over and today is the final day of the voting stage to select the nominees.

The year I really get going with Ani-blogging is the year I get a shot at an international movie related award! My lack of interaction with other members of the LAMB (I don’t use Twitter properly either) means I probably won’t get further than the nomination stage and polls close today but I created these two campaign posters Sunday night after watching XXXHOLiC and Arrietty in 40 minutes while listening to some fun punk-pop just to have some fun and contribute to the LAMMYs.

LAMMY 2013 Consideration Poster Ni Genki Jason LAMMY 2013 Consideration Genki Jason Poster

The event has inspired me to get more involved. If I can convert members of the LAMB to appreciate Japanese films then I would have done a decent job at this blogging thing. I have already cast my votes and I look forward to the results.

Look out for my anime movie reviews in Foreign Chops #10: Japanese Animation where Ponyo, Arrietty, Berserk, Mai Mai Miracle and The Wolf Children all get a go.

12 thoughts on “Genkina Hito and the LAMMY Awards 2013

  1. didn’t know you are alao nominated… おめでとう \(^o^)/
    I haven’t voted yet because I still have slight problem with my pc

    love your ambition too (^_^)v

    1. Ah, I was surprised as well. It’s nice to get nominated although the LAMB went and used the least attractive poster for the campaign 😉

      I didn’t know you were a member of the LAMB! Ponyo is on!

  2. I didn’t know you have to be a Lamb to vote. I didn’t vote afterall. My PC was finally fixed today. Mobile has lots of limitation.

    I have many Lamb friends…I finally decided to join in few days ago…but they haven’t decided yet.

    Talking about Ponyo…I really like the colors…Ponyo is a colourful animation

    1. Spirited Away is my tip-top number one. I love it. I can watch it over and over… I think I have watched it four times these past ten days. I feel the same about The Cat Returns. Ponyo is really nice as well.

  3. Congrats on the nomination! I’d say your blog definitely fulfills the category of a movie genre blog with your prolific reviews and exposure of Japanese & Korean films. It’s a genre I haven’t delved into much (okay, not at all), but I now have “Poetry” written down on my list of movies to watch.

    1. Thanks for the comment. You don’t know what you’re missing. Poetry is just the start! 😉

      I really love East Asian films. I find that I’m starting to watch less and less European/US films in cinemas and I am focussing on Japan.

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