xxxHOLiC First Impression

xxxHOLiC Dorama Image


Japanese Title: ホリック xxxHOLiC

Romaji: Horikku xxxHOLiC

Duration: 8 Episodes

Director: Keisuke Toyoshima

Writer: Jun Tsugita (Screenplay), CLAMP (Original Manga)

Starring: Anne Watanabe, Shota Sometani, Karen Miyazaki, Masahiro Higashide, Naoto Takenaka, Yumi Adachi,

xxxHOLiC is the TV adaptation of a popular manga by CLAMP, a quartet of artists who have a huge back-catalogue of supernatural tales all with their distinctive designs which features impossibly long-limbed and waifish characters.

ホリック xxxHOLiC Anime

They are so influential they are called in by various production studios to provide character designs and stories – witness Blood-C, the latest entry in the Blood franchise.

Despite their fame and prowess the only CLAMP franchise I have watched is Cardcaptor Sakura back when I was back in high school. Even that I dropped after the first series because, let’s face it, it’s aimed at girls. xxxHOLiC is a title I know of but have missed. I have not read the manga or watched the anime so I am going into this eight part TV adaptation as a complete novice which is pretty exciting because it is virgin territory and I can form an unbiased opinion. After three episodes I can safely say that I like it. Part of the reason I like it is because it feels familiar thanks to the staff and the atmosphere and the other part I like it is the great acting.

ホリック xxxHOLiC WatanukiThe story begins with Kimihiro Watanuki (Sometani) who is a high school boy who can see Ayakashi (spirits). These spirits take on all manner of forms like shades and disembodied body parts and they pop up at the most unexpected points which, when you think about it, is pretty irritating since ghosts seem to haunt everywhere. Even school, is haunted by these supernatural presences. Furthermore, some seem to be aggressive.

XXXHOLiC Watanuki Sees Ghost Arms

His ability to see the supernatural also opens up possibilities. On his way to school he finds himself witnessing a woman pass by with a dark mist emanating from her ‘pinkie finger’. It turns out he will meet said woman later but let us continue with the setup for now… he continues walking down an alley into what looks like a gorgeous magical grove. Seriously, XXXHOLiC (8) Magic Grovethis is ‘take-a-picture and admire the light emanating from the sun’ gorgeous. Watanuki’s about to see more gorgeous things when he steps in a puddle. The scene cuts to a mysterious woman who seems to summon him by taking control of his body and dragging him to her house. Watanuki is stunned at the sudden change of location which is gorgeous but not as gorgeous as what comes next…

Watanuki is seized by a supernatural force and taken to a house where he is met by two cute girls named Maru and Moro who drag him into what can only be described as a mystical chamber where he finds himself in the presence of a (seriously) gorgeous woman named Yūko Ichihara (Watanabe).

ホリック xxxHOLiC Anne Watanabe

Who is she to have these mystical powers? What is her plan in hooking Watanuki? Will the camera lovingly hug her body at every moment?

Watanuki is probably wondering most of the same things but first of all introductions are made. He apologises for being in her house and introduces himself. He is pretty bewildered, a state not helped by the fact that Yūko manages to discern parts of his character by some magic silver disc and a cauldron including the fact that he can see Ayakashi and his blood attracts them. Watanuki, being driven insane by this ability (and being shunted around by an invisible power) loses his temper and shouts, “Who the hell are you?”

Well she is a dimensional witch who owns a shop crammed full of mystical objects. The only people who visit the shop (like Watanuki) are those drawn their by fate, those who have a wish that can alter their lives drastically. She will grant their wish but those people must give her something of an equivalent value. “What’s your wish?” Yūko asks.

Watanuki has a wish. But before that we go to his school where we are introduced to Himawari Kunogi (Miyazaki) and her childhood friend Doumeki Shizuka (Higashide). Watanuki likes (as in really likes) Himawari but she is pretty much blind to the depth of his affection or she’s engineering a love-triangle since she tells Doumeki everything on her mind does not miss an opportunity to tell Watanuki that she’s close to Doumeki despite the fact it openly irritates him… Anyway, back to the interesting part…

We discover that Watanuki’s wish is for Yūko to remove his ability to see ghosts. To do this he must work for her as a part-timer at her shop, moving ancient artefacts and cleaning things, cooking and acting as a maid… butler. Despite his complaints he signs up. Through his connection with Yūko he will come into contact with people destined to meet her and he will encounter the supernatural. And so begins the adventures of Watanuki and the Dimensional Witch!!

Well first of all I’m glad I held off on doing a first impression of this until after episode 3 where it really gets going. The first two episodes offer a great set-up and do a lot to establish the characters and the world they inhabit. The episodes have a standalone feel xxxHOLiC Episode 3 (3) Flashbackwith an overarching narrative connected to Watanuki’s sick mother and his ability to see the dead. This is given to us during piecemeal flashbacks which have a hazy, jittery feel. After the first two episodes I was concerned that the length of the series would be too short to explore Watanuki’s back story adequately but episode three ties everything up neatly. I really like the standalone nature of the stories as it introduces variety, a monster of the week formula… or should that be a jerk of the week.

The tales themselves are rather simple affairs where customers show up to Yūko’s shop with a problem or desire and we witness their story. The engine for this series is Watanuki’s development as an individual. The jerk of the week formula shows Watanuki’s development clearly as we see he shares some elements of the shadows that the customers hide underneath their personas. Watanuki’s cock-sure, impatient and guarded attitude at the beginning is pretty much mirrored by the other customers and seeing them dismantled by Yūko means he gains some growth from those he comes into contact with. Yūko is like a guide and a catalyst for both Watanuki’s development. As she makes clear “I can only change the outside. The inside is changed by you.” That is a pretty clear message.

The episodes develop at a decent pace and there is a jet-black sense of the supernatural. Episode one is very simple and follows a woman with a penchant for lying. Despite Watanuki’s best efforts she has a head-on collision with her supernatural fate… The kills and supernatural encounters have been graphic and while not spectacular they are pretty well done, classy even. Certainly better than some V-cinema J-horror titles like Dead Waves.

The assured development is partly down to director Keisuke Toyoshima who directed a portion of Tales of Terror (2004), a collection of ghost tales that, while low-budget and rather derivative, are well done for the most part due to the atmospherics built up. His particular part of the omnibus, Line of Sight, is really well-done and his experience shines here. CGI is used sparingly and things like lighting and physical props take precedence. The CGI smoke emanating from the woman’s pinkie, the shades and weird creatures that spring up as Watanuki walks down street are well done but the physical props, the gorgeous costumes and fantastic sets are. Lighting is great, nothing on the level of Retribution but very well utilised and always giving a scene a certain flavour whether it is haunted or magical.

There are great performances from Shota Sometani, Anne Watanabe and Masahiro Higashide.

ホリック xxxHOLiC Anne Watanabe 2

After the first two episodes I was rather lukewarm in my reception of Anne Watanabe. Although the constant shots of Watanabe’s body – her limbs, thighs, chest, oh-la-la – are all very sexy (and welcome!) and she manages an air of mystery and the slatternly smile I detected in the manga, it was not until episode three that she felt really sexy and, most importantly, really magisterial. Wasted in Ninja Kids!!!, here she is given a lot more to do here as she alternates between a playful supernatural seductress and a domineering guide.  Her pairing with Shota Sometani is good because she is way taller than he is and her authority mould Sometani’s Watanuki well.

ホリック xxxHOLiC Sometani and Watanabe

I know Shota Sometani is capable of big performances as seen in Himizu but it’s always XXXHOLiC Watanuki (Sometani) and His Pensive Staregreat to see him do more subtle and nuanced things to remind me just how great he really is and he gets to really act here. He cries, he whimpers, he yells, he conveys a character coming to terms with being the plaything of supernatural beings but he really shines as a teenager. His dumb smile whenever Himawari is about and the pained smile that pops up whenever she mentions Doumeki, his condescending smirk when he rejects Yūko’s advice to get along with Doumeki and his impatience are all very, very amusing. He can also make you empathise with his emotional confusion.

Masahiro Higashide was really unknown to me apart from having a key role in The Kirishima Thing but I was impressed by his sure-footedness as Doumeki. Okay, I’ll admit it. Him thumping the chap in episode two won me over. He plays what could be a dull strong-but-silent type role with little nuances as uncertainty and haughtiness slip in from time to time.

Hmm, I’ve gone on longer than I expected (longer than recent film reviews) with this post so I’ll end it. Suffice it to say that after three episodes I think this is a great dorama and like the anime Another, I’ll post about it towards the end of the series. Considering it is the first dorama I am blogging about I am really pleased that I picked a great one!

8 thoughts on “xxxHOLiC First Impression

  1. I haven’t read the manga or seen the anime either, so I’m watching this is as a total novice as well. What I’m hearing from those that have read the manga, is that Yūko isn’t quite matching up with her character, including in terms of sexiness. If I’m honest, I’m not very much into her character yet, I almost (almost!) find her a little boring so far.

    Wasn’t familiar with Higashide either and in episode 1 his character didn’t do much for me.* Him smacking the teacher in the face in ep. 2 did make me perk up and take notice (and realise he’s not the one Watanuki should be making an enemy of). I think we are also getting more and more hints about his character in each episode. I did do some background reading on xxxHolic after that, so I’ve got a better sense of the meaning of the Watanuki/Himawari/Doumeki triangle now. I don’t think Doumeki is going to be just dull and strong-but-silent. Watanuki needs to get over his jealousy and become BFFs with him, because that will serve him much better.

    *Except that awesome kyūdō scene. He was looking mightily good then. 😀

    1. Watch out Higashide-kun, you’ve got a potential fan here 😉

      All of the characters were a little flat in the first two episodes apart from Watanuki but it’s slowly growing and establishing itself. I totally agree about the need for Watanuki not to make an enemy out of Doumeki regardless of how much it might irritate him to get on with him but it’s still amusing to see Sometani display his range in teenage disgust as he rejects the idea of being friends with him.

      1. Oh, it’s hilarious to see Watanuki-Sometani throw little hissy fits of teenage jealousy. Hahahaha.

        Higashide goes on my list of ‘young, up-and-coming actors to watch’. 🙂 Doesn’t beat Sometani of course.

  2. I have heard A LOT about this…but just like you, I have never read the manga or watched the anime….and just like you have said “it aims for girl” … yes I am a female but I rareltvread shojo manga, love shounen manga more.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the live action…and only 6 episodes makes it even better…since it is very famous, I think it will be easy to find its DVD

    1. I know you like shounen because you love One Piece 😉 I don’t really like shounen manga either. I have read One Piece though. I’m more into seinen action/horror titles like Biomega, I Am a Hero and MONSTER. YEAH! I might start Berserk as well because the TV/movie anime really won me over.

      There are eight episodes here so it’s easily watchable thanks to its small size. Getting opinions on how well they adapted something as big as xxxHOLiC is going to be interesting.

  3. Anne's Anime Blog

    Ohh..I’ll have to check this one out in the coming weeks. The casting seems well done for the characters. I’ve consumed everything CLAMP produces o_o Must say that their manga doesn’t always translate well to anime. Ex: Tsubasa Chronicle–thought it was a disaster. Long-limbed characters aside, I like the nouveauesque details put into the costumes & backgrounds.

    1. I’d like to get your opinion on this as a CLAMP fan. I think the casting is excellent and the actors are really growing into their roles. The sets and costumes are really great as well. Stick with it for the first three episodes!

      I really respect CLAMP but I’m more of a Madhouse/Production I.G. kinda guy – action, existentialism and big ideas with the occasional dose of surrealism. Yeah!

      I grew up on stuff like Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell.

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