Terracotta Give King of Pigs Theatrical Release

Terracotta’s first DVD release is Antique Bakery which will see distribution on February 11th. Before that we see them release the Korean animated film The King of Pigs in cinemas on January 25th followed by a DVD release in March 2013. I know little about this film other than it stars Yang Ik-June who has appeared in a few Japanese films (Our Homeland) and it was the first animated Korean film to screen at the Festival de Cannes back in 2012 .

Here are the details:

The King of Pigs DVD Case

The King of Pigs

Dir: Yeun Sang-ho

Starring: Yang Ik-june (as Jung Jong-suk), Oh Jeong-se (as Hwang Kyung-min), Kim Hye-na (as Kim Chul), Kim Kkobbi (as young Jung Jong-suk), Park Hee-von (as young Hwang Kyung-min)

South Korea / 2011 / Cert tbc / 97 mins / In Korean with English subtitles / Colour

In cinemas 25th January. Out on DVD March 2013.


After murdering his wife, a businessman on the verge of bankruptcy, Hwang Kyung-min, finds an old classmate, Jung Jong-suk whom he hasn’t seen for fifteen years. During a reunion dinner they look back on their school days, hiding their present situations.

Back then there were class distinctions among the pupils. The elite students – ‘The Dogs’ – rich, successful and particularly cruel, exercised a reign of terror over the weaker, poorer students – ‘The Pigs’.

Jong-suk and Kyung-min were powerless against the ‘dogs’. When Kim Chul, one of their fellow pigs, stood up, he fast became their last hope to end the circle of fear.

Fifteen years later, Chul remains a hero. But behind his figure, the two men recall the murky story of their bond and return to the site where the most shocking truth of what happened there is finally revealed.

8 thoughts on “Terracotta Give King of Pigs Theatrical Release

    1. It’s good – but oh so very dark. I’m planning to write a review soon (aiming for before the cinematic release) and I have also been considering doing a series on Korean animations this year, including King of Pigs, Padak, My Beautiful Girl, Mari, Leafie, a Hen in the Wild, Oseam, Green Days, Empress Chung, Dearest, Life is Cool and Wonderful Days/Sky Blue – depending on what I can track down (the first two on the list are definite, the next four I think I’ll be able to get hold of as well, not sure about the rest).

      1. I look forward to the reviews. My interest in Korean film is on hold as I still have a huge back-log of anime to watch from 2012 and I have been indulging in 80’s titles recently.

  1. Interesting. I also havent watched any Korean animation. Like you I have to do some catching up on other things first I think!
    BTW do those pigs look plenty evil or what?

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