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Welcome to my last post of the year.

2012 has been a very good year for me. My blog has grown in terms of views, recognition and content. It reflects the completion of the resolutions I made last year.

Here were my resolutions for 2012:

My resolutions for 2012

  • In 2012, I’ll watch Eiichi Kudo’s 13 Assassins! – as suggested by m from Wildgrounds in my last post,
  • In 2012, I’ll try and formalise my review structure – there have been different variations and my early reviews didn’t even have scores (gasp),
  • In 2012, I’ll start a chanbara season (a bit of a no-brainer and an excuse to watch my DVD of Gohatto more than once),
  • In 2012, I’ll spotlight directors, films and film distributors and try and bring a much more rigorous approach to reviews,
  • In 2012, I’ll get more involved with film culture by going to festivals,
  • In the first week of 2012, I will pick the Spring season anime I will watch and finish them quickly instead of dragging them out over a year,
  • In 2012, I’ll practice writing my Kanji every day and not once a week,
  • In 2012, I’ll try not to bore you… and I’ll try to get a handle on commas…

I got nearly all of them done!

This shows me that I am less lackadaisical and becoming much more organised much like Kondo from Key of Life!

I have organised a review format which I believe works well. I have focussed on directors and films with my seasons dedicated to Shinya Tsukamoto, and two for Sion Sono and a number for Korean films and Christmas. On top of covering film festivals I also went to the 56th BFI London Film Festival. All of these things have been fun to do and have allowed me to meet new people. I also practiced Kanji every day and the results showed in a test where I aced the Kanji section! Since change is always inevitable I have also done other things… While blogging I have got into the habit of updating quite a lot – adding extra trailers and pictures and making sure they are still there. I have updated various parts of the blog including my Top Ten FilmsNotable Director and Film Review Archives, but there are still some ancient areas such as my About page which may be changed.

I am happy with the progress that has been made, especially on the film front as I feel that I am watching great films and informing the world about them in my own little way. This has allowed me to meet all sorts of people and that has been a lot of fun.

That there are always changes that can be made goes without saying and they will be made. I really need to make something of my podcast and I should be a lot more adventurous with the way I present things. I may also drop the number of times I post a week. Towards the end of the year I found it a bit much having to write six times a week and I want to maintain quality.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog and commented on it and I hope you continue to come back.

Mawaru Crusher 11

Anyway, part of 2013 will be continuing on past resolutions. Indeed, you could say that part of the battle will be just to continue that future.

Now we come to the most important bit:

My resolutions for 2013

  • In 2013, I will go to Japan and blog from there (like Sadako’s Movie Shack!),Ai to Makoto's Ai (Takei) Looking to the Future
  • In 2013, I will have a season dedicated to Hideo Nakata, Takashi Shimizu and Beat Takeshi,
  • In 2013, I will review some older Japanese films,
  • In 2013, I will write articles in different styles than the usual format,
  • In 2013, I will speak Japanese and write Japanese every day and try and hook up with more Japanese friends to practice my conversational skills,
  • In 2013, I will review more anime,
  • In 2013, I will submit more reviews to the Korean blogathon,
  • In 2013, I will attend more film festivals,
  • In 2013, I will try not to bore you.

Yotsuba Fireworks


Happy New Year!

22 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions For 2013 – Follow Your Dreams

  1. <> Whoooo… that sounds like quite a change of tune here. I’m impressed with your first resolution. I don’t do New Years Resolutions or things of that sort, but I’ve been wondering if I can make to Japan in 2013. 2014 is probably a more realistic aim, but we’ll see…

    <<>> Should you put some dates and details here I think. That pushes you more to achieve your goals, and you’ll have to be more honest about whether you succeeded at the end of the year too.

    <> I have to say I don’t really understand this kind of resolution. Why do you think your posts are/might be boring? IMO, if someone thinks my posts are boring, they don’t need to read them. Not every blog is for everyone and I think that’s perfectly fine. We all have our preferences.

    1. Darn! forgot that double deletes the quotes (though I don’t know why).

      Quote 1 was: “In 2013, I will go to Japan and blog from there (like Sadako’s Movie Shack!)”
      Quote 2 was “In 2013, I will review more anime,…submit more reviews to the Korean blogathon, …attend more film festivals,”
      Quote 3 was “I will try not to bore you.”


      1. Hey Alua!

        I aim to go to Japan. Everybody has been prompting me and I have been dreaming about it long enough. It’s time to act. I have started to cut down on the amount of money I spend so I can build up a war-chest for my travels. I will definitely blog from there as well.

        I should do more serious coverage of festivals so I’ll probably detail the ones I hope to attend next month. I’ll also try and make anime viewings a muh more regular thing so I can write about them in interesting ways (like Iwa ni Hana used to).

        The try not to bore people was self-deprecation. I flee there whenever I am in danger of being maudlin/sentimental/pretentious.

  2. akb48fan

    I’m glad that you’re aiming to go to Japan in 2013. What better time for you to go than in March so you can attend the Tokyo Anime Festival which is a lot of fun. I should know as I went there in 2008. For a big anime fan like yourself this would be a perfect for you. You could preview the latest shows that are showing in Japan. I can’t go to next year’s event but I aim to be at the 2014 one.

    1. I don’t think I’ll be ready as early as March 2013 but I would definitely love to go to 2014! I could do a report for AUKN while I am at it as well. You never know, we might meet up.

      As far as Japan next year goes, I was thinking some time in the second half of the year. I’m going to ask around a lot and maybe post the results here. I figure an audience would spur me on.

      Time to watch films and then go to bed.

      それ でわ みんなさん おやすみ

      1. akb48fan

        It’s in the 2nd half of the year I’m going in 2013 as well. It depends on when the live action Gatchaman is released as I want to see that movie badly. I’ve heard it’s coming out sometime at the end of August. Thing is I hate Japanese summers. It is ridiculously hot over there in July and August, the worst time to visit the country. March/April or October/November/December are the best time to go there.

    1. I’ll be taking lots of pictures with a camera my mother got me for Christmas 😉 I’ll have to bring spare memory cards because I love inserting pictures into posts!

      Happy New Year!

    1. I never really did New Year’s Resolutions until last year but they worked in helping me shape the course of my blog. 2012 saw me become much more serious about my future, due in part to meeting lots of inspiring people in real life and online who make me push myself. It’s getting a bit embarrassing being the only person in Japanese class who has not gone to Japan but that will hopefully change.

      I’ll definitely look at your Japanese related posts again 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  3. HS

    I’ve never really gone in for New Year’s Resolutions but I definitely echo your Japanese learning ambitions – really want to go to some conversation evenings to practice speaking and start using lang-8 properly 🙂 That and actually updating my blog more than ‘occasionally’ 🙂

    Have a good 2013! 😀

  4. those are great resolution Jason 🙂
    I hope you really can go to Japan this year. Japan and England are the two countries I love to visit the most…and you’re lucky you already live in one of them.

    Good luck with your Nihongo, I am so far behind on my Nihongo. I needto practice more myself.

    last but not least…akemashite omedetou 🙂

    1. I am aiming to improve my Japanese a million times over before I go to Japan, hopefully near the end of this year. We should practice with each other 😉

      Akemashite Omedetou 🙂

  5. goregirl

    Happy New Year Jason!

    I don’t make resolutions but kudos to you for attaining most of your goals for the year! Yahoo on a Beat Takeshi season and reviewing older Japanese films!! You will be happy to know that I have actually scratched a few more of your Anime recommends off my list! I consider these more goals than resolutions but I do plan on traveling this year. going to visit 3 US Cities and in 2014 I hope to go to Italy!! As is my goal for every year…I plan on writing more…and this year I am finally going to get mobile!! Yes, I am the only person on the planet who does not own a cell phone! Also my friends cat is pregnant and if all goes well I will be the proud mama of two kittens in a couple months! Cheers J…all the best!

    1. Thanks Goregirl! I watch Kitano’s films from time to time but now that I’ve started doing director’s seasons I’m going to review them. I also have a lot of old Japanese films on DVD/VHS so they will be getting a review. Since I’m not going to the cinema much this year I’m going to give these titles a whirl and do a lot more writing.

      I look forward to your reviews of the anime. I just read your review for Perfect Blue and you gave it a great treatment!

      Do you have any concrete plans for your tour of the US? If you do go to Italy you should visit the Dario Argento museum:

      I saw it on a BBC horror show focussing on European titles. It looked like a fan’s paradise.

      I have been kicking around the idea of looking for locations seen in films – the water tower seen in Pulse and the street outside Takabe’s house in Cure.

      I hope you get some awesome black cats!

      Happy New Year!

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