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Hangul: 여고괴담 세 번째 이야기 : 여우계단

Romanisation: Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan

Release Date: 01st August 2003 (South Korea)

Running Time: 97 mins.

Director: YunJae-Yeon

Writer: Kim Soo-A, Lee Yong-Yeon, Lee Shin-Ae, Lee So-Youn

Starring: Song Ji-Hyo, Park Han-Byul, Jo An, Park Ji-Yeon, Hong Soo-A, Kwak Ji-Min, Moon Jung-Hee

The Wishing Stairs seeks to add to the Haunted Girl’s School franchise with an entry leaning away from the drama that has proven to be the strength of the series and more towards horror. It might have been an exciting and bloodthirsty reboot for a franchise that focusses but the horror is mishandled and the drama did little to move me thanks to distracting elements.

Kim So-Hie (Park Han-Byul) and Yun Jin-Seong (Song Ji-Hyo) are close friends at a ballet school but when the school holds a competition aimed at promoting one student to go to a national competition in order to gain a scholarship to a Russian ballet school, Jin-Seong finds herself seized by intense jealousy as So-Hie is being promoted above her. When she hears rumours of the wishing stairs from Eom Hye-Ju (Jo An), a girl who was once overweight but lost a lot of weight overnight, Jin-Sung decides to try her luck with the stairs. The staircase next to the school dorm only has 28 steps but if you believe hard enough a 29th step appears and a fox spirit grants your wish. What Jin-Seong does not realise is that the wish, once granted, has a sting in the tail.

Wishing Stairs Grip

The Wishing Stairs follows a similar pattern to the previous instalments where school life is detailed, a friendship is focussed upon and an inciting incident occurs to spark off a supernatural invasion for the final part of the film.

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