Steins;Gate The Movie Trailer

Steins;Gate The Movie                                                                         

Japanese Title: 劇場版 シュタインズ・ゲート 負荷Steins;Gate Movie Poster領域のデジャヴ

Romaji: Shutainzu Ge-to: Fuka Ryouiki no Deja Bu

Release Date:  Spring 2013 (Japan)

Running Time: N/A

Director: Kanji Wakabayashi (Director), Hiroshi Hamasaki, Takuya Satō (Chief Directors),

Writer: Jukki Hanada

Starring: Mamoru Miyano (Rintarou Okabe), Asami Imai (Kurisu Makise) Kana Hanazawa (Mayuri Shiina), Halko Momoi (Faris Nyannyan), Tomokazu Seki (Itaru Hashida), Yu Kobayashi (Ruka Urushibara), Yukari Tamura (Suzuha Amane), Saori Goto (Moeka Kiryuu)

Steins;Gate was an anime I had difficulty watching last year. I felt it was a little to dry and dull. I persevered and eventually got into the twisting and intelligent psychological time travel story and by the time the final episode rolled by I was won over and it became my second favourite anime of 2011. Then a movie was announced and it was back to mixed feelings for me because the final episode of the TV series was perfect, the sequence when the credits rolled was beautiful. Here is the trailer for the forthcoming movie. The TV anime had the perfect ending, what is going on here? It looks apocalyptic!


Alas, there is no synopsis which is quite frustrating.

The film has the vocal talents of Mamoru Miyano (Fuse: A Gun Girl’s Detective Story) who voiced Okabe and the incredibly beautiful Kana Hanazawa who voiced Mayuri, a character who won me over with her incredible cuteness. They are supported by the equally wonderful Halko Momoi who voices Faris and who lent her voiced Maromi in the excellent Paranoia Agent. She also composed and performed the awesome song Mail Me which was used in Suicide Club. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THE SONG!!!! Anyway…

This big screen adaptation is directed by Kanji Wakabayashi (Jomungand) with Takuya Satō and Hiroshi Kamasaki acting as chief director. Between Satō and Kamasaki they have worked on a number of titles I love like Armitage III, Kino’s Journey, Spriggan, Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent. The film has been written by Jukki Hanada, the man who handled series composition on the TV anime as well as the highly regarded Robotics;Notes and the hilarious Nichijou.