The Grandmasters Full Trailer

The Grandmasters                                       The Grand Master Movie Poster

Release date:  08th January 2013 (China)

Running time: N/A

Director: Wong Kar-wai

Writer:  Wong Kar-Wai, Jingzhi Zou, Haofeng Xu

Starring: Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Zhang Yiyi, Song Hye-Kyo, Chang Chen, Zhao Benshan, Julian Cheun Chi-lam, Cung Le.

Thanks to this blog with a really long name, I have found a new trailer for Wong Kar-Wai’s biopic about Ip Man, the legendary Wing Chun grand master who trained other in the martial art, most notable Bruce Lee. I featured this in a trailer post in July of last year but the film has been in production since 2009. Wong Kar-Wai is one of those filmmakers who takes as long as he needs (and sometimes longer – 2046 almost missed its premiere at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival) since he edits things to death in order to achieve perfection. Anyway… There have been quite a few Ip Man films in the meantime with Hong Kong legend Donnie Yen crafting two acclaimed titles that have been released worldwide. Can Wong Kar-Wai recapture interest? Do I need to ask? Of course he can! Check out the trailer!

Awesome. Spine-tingling. Kinetic. Cool. It’s everything I imagined a WKW martial arts film can be! The trailer displays slow-motion, striking cinematography and lighting, cool slow-motion and painfully beautiful people having cool fights. I have long been a fan of Wong Kar-Wai… since high school when I first watched and fell in love with Chungking Express and went about getting every film of his and movie posters and soundtracks to boot. When 2046 was in the cinema I was in the audience! An audience of ten (it was a matinee screening which explains the low number). I cannot wait for The Grandmasters!