Notable Director Review Archive

Kiyoshi Kurosawa Notable Director Review Archive

As part of my efforts in making this blog a bit more user friendly I have created a depository of film reviews which has the titles listed by directors I consider notable. It is called The Notable Director Archive! There are my favourites from the likes of Kiyoshi Kurosawa who has made ghost films I love, to Sion Sono who I have dedicated two seasons to. There are also major names that have been left off like Takeshi Kitano and Yasujiro Ozu but they will be added as fast as I can review titles.

The focus is on Asian, particularly Japanese filmmakers, but with the likes of Werner Herzog making great titles, there is a great chance that other non East-Asian filmmakers like Ridley Scott and John Carpenter will be added. I have left off some directors who have had multiple films reviewed including Kei Horei and Koji Shiraishi. Until I review more than two, they won’t make it.

Expect the number of reviews on the page to keep increasing as I have a few seasons dedicated to directors planned and there are quite a few titles that will get reviewed soon.

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