Manga Entertainment Acquire Wolf Children Rain and Snow for UK Distribution

The London MCM Expo festival is currently under-way and UK anime distributors are announcing their acquisitions and projected release dates. The big news is that Manga Entertainment has announced that they will release THE WOLF CHILDREN in the UK!!! Anime UK News, which I write for ;), broke the news of this announcement and others on Twitter just before I was going to turn my computer off and watch a Japanese slasher film. Here are the details of the upcoming releases:

The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki                                The Wolf Children Poster               

Romaji: Okami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Japanese Title: おおかみ こども の 雨 と 雪

Japanese Release Date: 21st July 2012

UK Release Date: 2013

Running Time: 110 mins.

Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Writer: Mamoru Hosoda, Satoko Okudera

Starring: Aoi Miyazaki, Takao Osawa, Yukito Nishii, Haru Kuroki, Amon Kabe, Momoka Oona, Shota Sometani, Kumiko Aso, Mitsuki Tanimura,

Mamoru Hosoda is frequently called the next “Hayao Miyazaki” and while I loved The Girl Who Leapt Through Time I was left unimpressed by Summer Wars. So unimpressed that I have yet to turn my review notes into a review despite more than a year elapsing since I last watched it… Then I went to the 56th BFI London Film Festival where The Wolf Children was screened and I loved it. I can confirm it is brilliant. So brilliant it is joint number one for my films of the year. For those wanting a bit of the brilliance at home, the film will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray and a theatrical release is also being considered. For some odd reason Ame and Yuki have been dropped from the title making it rather bland. Anyway, here’s the trailer and some more details:


A story of love between parents and children that takes place over thirteen starts when a university student named Hana falls in love with Ōkami who is a “wolf man”. The two marry and have children named after the weather on the day they were born – Yuki (snow) the older sister and Ame (rain) the younger brother. The four live quietly in a city concealing the true existence of their relationship until Ōkami dies and Hana decides to move to the country.

Hosoda has been aided with scripting duties by Satoko Okudera who has worked on major anime movies like Summer WarsMiyori’s ForestThe Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and The Princess and the Pilot. Legendary character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, FLCL, Evangelion) is acting as character designer here. Madhouse Studio (Paranoia Agent, Black Lagoon, Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Master Keaon, Dennō Coil) is co-producing the animation. The voice actors involved come from the world of live action movies. Hana is voiced by the actress Aoi Miyazaki who starred in Shinji Aoyama’s 2000 film Eureka (she does have experience in anime after voicing Tula in Origin: Spirits of the Past)Ōkami is voiced by Takao Osawa (All About Lily Chou-Chou), Yuki is voiced by Haru Kuroki, and Ame is voiced by Yukito Nishii (Confessions). Other notable names include Momoka Oona (Mitsuko Delivers) who plays an even younger version of Yuki, Amon Kabe(Tada’s Do-it-All House) who plays an even younger version of Ame, Shota Sometani (HimizuSadako 3DIsn’t Anyone live?), Mitsuki Tanimura (13 Assassins), and Kumiko Aso (Pulse).


Blood-C's SayaThe TV anime that irritated many (including myself) with its moe cuteness before tearing its face off and revealing a horrific visage for the final episode. It will be getting a release next year thanks to Manga Entertainment. The anime cast includes Nana Mizuki (Hinata in Naruto) who took the lead role of Saya Kisaragi. Production staff include Tsutomu Mizushima (XXXHOLiC, Hare+Guu) who will take on directing duties and Jun’Ichi Fujisaku , director of the other Blood: The Last Vampire spin-off, Blood+, is creative supervisor. CLAMP’s Nanase Ohkawa is supervising scripts and co-writing with Fujisaku whilst Naoki Sato (Eureka Seven, X) is composing the music.

Blood-C: The Last Dark                                           Blood-C The Last Dark Movie Poster

Romaji: Buraddo Shi- Za Rasuto Da-ku

Japanese Title: 劇場版 ブラッドシー ザ ラスト ダーク

Running Time: 106 mins.

Director: Naoyoshi Shiotani

Writer: Jun’ichi Fujisaku, Nanase Ohkawa

Starring:Nana Mizuki (Saya Kisaragi), Kenji Nojima (Fumito Nanahara), Jun Fukuyama (Dog), Masumi Asano (Yūka Amino)

Production I.G. and CLAMP combined to take the Blood franchise in a bold new direction. The resulting TV anime, Blood-C, was a disappointment in my opinion but apparently the movie redeems all involved. Earlier this year it premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal where it won the L’Écran Fantastique Jury Prize for its “horrifying Lovecraftian bestiary, as well as attention to textures and lighting.”  Lovecraftian bestiary? Saya back to her blood-soaked sword swinging ways? Awesome!

Fumito Nanahara is an influential politician who rules Tokyo with an iron fist. He has introduced the Youth Ordinance Bill which enforces curfews for the young and regulates the internet. Despite this a group of young people have formed a group named SIRRUT and pan on attacking Fumito. In the course of their research they discover “Tower”, a secret organisation that is backing Fumito and conducts human experimentation. When Sirrut attempt to expose “Tower” in the Tokyo subway mysterious creatures appear. So too does Saya, a young girl who survived the horrific incident in Ukishima Province with a sword that can defeat the Old Ones.

Manga Entertainment did announce other titles they have acquired including Jormungand, Guilty Crown, which they hope to release in April, and popular occult vampire series Hellsing Ultimate parts 1 to 8 which Manga entertainment will release in DVD/Blu-ray sets sometime ‘hopefully’ in May. Manga Entertainment are still negotiating with Kadakowa over the series Steins;Gate, one of my favourite anime shows of last year. They stated that it ‘might’ be ready by May or June 2013.

The big news for me was The Wolf Children, which I hope to have a review of the week after next.

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