Terracotta Release Return to Burma

2012 has seen Terracotta release a number of great titles like Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack, Desire to Kill and Petty Romance. Now they are set to release Return to Burma, a film from first time director Midi Z. It played earlier this year at the Terracotta Far East Film Festival. Reviews are generally mixed with critics praising the bravery of shooting a film while the regime is still enforcing draconian censorship laws and highlighting the strength of documentary nature while lamenting the lack of story structure missed chance of gaining an insight into the release of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. For anybody interested in gaining an insight into the country and in the human drama involved in cross-border crossings and returning to a place left behind, this is the ticket. Here are the details:


Return to Burma DVD Case

Starring: Wang Shin-hong, Yang Shu-lan, Chou Jung-kuo

Burma, Taiwan / 2010 / 84 mins / In Burmese, Mandarin with English subtitles
Release Date: 12th November 2012

Where should we go? Anywhere but home.

After decades, Burma finally holds its first presidential election. Many Burmese living abroad believe that prosperity will soon arrive. Xing-Hong, an immigrant labourer in Taiwan, is able to save enough money to return home. His return is bitter sweet, as he is carrying the remains of a friend that died in a work related accident.

When Xing-Hong arrives home, he finds that most of the young people want to work abroad, but Xing-Hong has always wanted to stay in his hometown to do business. He begins asking around for possible business opportunities. Through the protagonist’s eyes, we witness the true face of Burma and the angst of its youngsters.

DVD Special Features

  • Making of RETURN TO BURMA
  • Director’s Statement

Midi Z is an ethnic Chinese like the protagonist of the film, who had a similar journey moving from Burma to Taiwan when at the age of sixteen. Midi Z moved in order to study Film Directing and graduated with his first short movie, “Paloma Blanca”, in 2006. In 2009, he was selected as one of the most prominent directors by Taipei Golden Horse Film Academy. Produced by Hou Hsiao-Hsien (!!!), Midi Z made a short film called “Hua-Xing Incident”. Return to Burma is his first feature film.