Stoker Trailer

Stoker                                                                       Stoker Poster

Release Date: 01st March 2013 (US)

Running Time: N/A

Director: Park Chan-Wook

Writer: Wentworth Miller, Erin Cressida Wilson

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Dermot Mulroney, Jacki Weaver, Lucas Till, Alden Ehrenreich, Phyillis Sommerville

A few weeks ago I posted a trailer for The Last Stand, an upcoming American film being helmed by Kim Jee-Woon (A Bittersweet Life, The Quiet Family). He is one of a number of successful Korean directors working on Hollywood projects.  Now, thanks to the eagle eyes of Curiosity Kitty, I have seen a trailer for Park Chan-Wook’s English language debut, Stoker.

When India Stoker’s (Wasikowska) father dies, her mother Evelyn (Kidman) brings in a mysterious uncle named Charlie (Goode) who seems charming but has a dark side which draws India to him.

Park Chan-Wook has made two incredible films in Oldboy and J.S.A. and one excellent one in Thirst. While The Last Stand looks like good old-fashioned action fun, this looks like it is a psychological horror/family drama. Nothing supernatural. It stars such fine actresses like Nicole Kidman (The Hours) and Mia Wasikowska (The Kids are All Right, Jane Eyre) and the British actor Matthew Goode (The Lookout). The trailer looks visually stunning but I am unsure as to whether that is enough to persuade me to see the film. I’ll have to wait for reviews. It is written by Wentworth Miller who is famous for Resident Evil: Afterlife… Famous to me for that film at least. Apparently he was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt. I honestly thought that it was something to do with Bram Stoker and vampires but there you go.

4 thoughts on “Stoker Trailer

  1. HS

    A hah! When I saw the words ‘Uncle Charlie’ my first thought was Shadow of a Doubt – glad to know it is actually an influence and not just me reading too much into things! I loved Thirst too, I was so surprised it got such a bad press when it first came out. If you can take Thérèse Raquin and put vampires in it and it not only still works but even becomes something more in itself you must be some kind of genius! I’m not convinced by some of the performances in the trailer but the visuals are quite impressive – hopefully it will work out better in context.

    1. I’m expecting good performances but the thing that I’m really interested in is the writing and directing. I would never have considered Wentworth Miller a writer before reading about his involvement and I’m hoping that Park Chan-Wook manages to make something on the level of Oldboy.

      Glad to see you liked Thirst. There were great performances and it was such an original take on vampires. That and Kim Ok-Bin was such a fox!

    1. Park Chan-Wook is a very stylish director so I’m expecting something visually interesting at the very least!

      Cute to Kill sounds so awesome. I recognise some of those name. There should be a mini Japanese animated film festival happening around my way which is similar to that. I really need to remember what it’s called…

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