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Whenever I do my trailer posts and reference filmographies it takes me an age to look up films I wrote about over a year ago like Cure, Survive Style 5+ because the search function brings up nearly every post in between because I keep referencing different titles. It is a vicious circle that keeps expanding. I have now been inspired by Goregirl to break that circle and create a film review archive which lists every title alphabetically.

When creating this post it was interesting to see the changes I have made over the two plus something years I have been operating.

I have reviewed a lot of western films. That was because I was going to the cinema nearly every week when I first started. Not anymore. I tend to purchase DVD’s and stay home. The last time I went to the cinema was in July for Snow White. The last time I reviewed a western film was Prometheus because I liked it a lot and thought there were too many negative reviews.

Thankfully, I am covering Japanese and East Asian cinema which has given me direction so expect the western films to be in the minority soon. Actually, I think Japanese films already make up the majority of reviews… Whatever the case here is the archive. You can also find it on the above menu and on the right as represented by a picture of Rin Takanashi no less. I will have to revamp my top ten films section as well but for now, happy exploration.

Genki Read or Die Film Review Exploration

14 thoughts on “Genkina Hito’s Film Review Archives

  1. Alphabetically? By English title? How about people who look for the film in the source language? (I’m teasing you… I haven’t yet gotten into the nightmare of an alphabetical index of sorts, but it may be something I’ll have to start thinking about. At the moment the “archives” by post date are still manageable…)

      1. “Once upon a time your harsh words would shatter me” Too bad that I know that’s not true (Innkeepers & Chinese food or not).

        It’s too cold for icecream already btw.

      2. Your words are powerful but I was in such a good mood on Sunday and Monday, nothing could dent me. Should I brace myself for any cutting remarks when we meet next week?

        Also: It’s never too cold for ice-cream… At least not in the UK.

      3. I’m not going to agree with you on the icecream. Unless it’s a sunny, hot day (and by hot I mean 25 C degrees, but better 30 C plus) icecream and me don’t mix. And even then it’s not the first thing I would go for.

      4. Ah, I almost forgot you come from a much warmer climate. I’d go for water and juice. What would you go for in such a situation, if you don’t mind me asking?

      5. …though surprisingly I owned an icecream maker when I lived in Costa Rica. And made coconut milk ice cream with chocolate chips (stracciatella of sorts) every now and then, which was rather nice.

      6. I don’t actually come from a warmer climate. Supposedly I come from a much colder one (people always tell me that when I tell them I’m freezing – I get cold quite easily).

        Not sure what I might go for. Mango perhaps (if I’m in the tropics). Proper chocolate. Whatever I happen to be in the mood for. I’ll even have hot soup in 30 degrees if it strikes my fancy.

  2. goregirl

    Excellent!! The WordPress search function really does suck hard! I passed a Japanese restaurant yesterday that had a sign saying it was National Sake Day. So Happy Belated National Sake Day my friend!

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