Liebster Blog Award Answers

I have been given a Liebster Blog award by Andina over at Inspired Ground (thank you Andina!). Here are the rules:

Liebster Award1. Tell us 11 things about yourself

2. Answer 11 questions the blogger who awarded you asked

3. Pass the award to 11 people

4. Give them 11 questions.
5. Tell them about the award
6. Don’t award people who are recipients already

Actually this is the second time so I’ll keep this short and sweet and just answer the questions.

11 Random Things About Me

1. I have met Doctor Who.

2. I have Japanese relatives, I own Japanese things, I obsess over Japanese films but I have yet to go to the country. Also I speak Japanese – it has improved, so much so I spent time talking to Japanese tourists during the Olympics!

3. I have a sister who is much younger than me and more beautiful, cooler and smarter than me. She has developed a cool taste in films.

4. I watch at least three films a week – two Japanese and one from somewhere else.

5. My mother and father helped me get into foreign films. I spent most of my childhood watching subtitled films from France and China.

6. I have ruined a friendship by not waiting at a train station for a person stuck on a train because I was afraid I was going to miss a film at a cinema. The film was Infernal Affairs and it was awesome so you can hardly blame me for leaving the person behind. That person also had poor taste in films. While I was taking them to see stuff like Oldboy, they made me suffer through Bridget Jones.

7. I tend to go to the movies alone (because my taste is idiosyncratic) but this year I have been going with others. And frowning at them when they make noise eating after the film has started. Seriously, pay attention!

8. I like rainy weather.

9. I sometimes like to watch trashy anime like Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and Haganai.

10. I am trying to write a novel.

11. This is My Year of Getting Things Done.

Questions from Andina over at Inspire Ground

1. If you could replace one movie that’s not in the Top 250 IMDB with another, what movie is it?

I have seen most of these films and while I respect them I would prefer to see something like Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Cure up there… Maybe Takeshi Kitano’s film The Kids Return…  In fact I would say Kurosawa and Kitano’s collective filmography deserve to be up there more than most of those titles. I’m going to go with Cure and replace Se7en at number 26.

Koji Yakusho in Cure

2. Do you have any TV series that you wish to be adapted to a screenplay?

The anime Black Lagoon. I would pay for an anime movie adaptation of that.

3. Which superhero in a movie you’d like to date and why?

I had trouble thinking of female superheroes… Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl… Uh… Seriously, western superheroes don’t interest me all that much which is part of the reason why I watch Japanese anime. I find that the Japanese tend to come up with much better female characters as well. In that spirit my pick is technically not a superhero, Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell is superior to most female characters in any genre in any medium. We could go scuba diving, take a walk along some rainy streets and discuss existentialism and body-swapping cybernetics in a café.

Ghost in the Shell's Kusanagi

4. What is your favourite ’80s soundtrack?

My first choice was to put Ghostbusters here as the answer but Goregirl questioned my selection and then I remembered Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise was made in the late 80’s. It is possibly the greatest anime movie ever made and with one of the best OST’sin the history of film thanks to Ryuichi Sakamoto. This video has already been posted on the blog but I don’t care because it rocks. I have the original Japanese soundtrack to the film.

5. What movie that you always see on a rainy day/unwell?

Battle Royale/Chungking Express – When I want to feel better I watch these two. They always work.

6. What is your most played soundtrack in your playlist/ipod/player?

Patlabor 2 the Movie. This was composed be Kenji Kawai who is Production I.G.’s go to guy for soundtracks and everything he makes is brilliant but this has a special place in my heart because it is from one of my top ten anime.

7. What 2011 movie that you thought was underrated?

The Adventures of Tintin. I really enjoyed this film. There are critics who have dismissed it. Those critics are wrong.

8. What classic movie that you wish you could see them in cinema?

Ugetsu Monogatari. I first saw Kenji Mizoguhi’s classic on the small screen and was affected by it. I think this haunting story would have a massive impact on me on the big screen. Actually I’d also like to pick Patlabor 2 the Movie and Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise. The last two are anime that I love.

9. Who is your favourite animated character?

Kino from Kino’s Journey. Kino is a capricious traveller who journeys through various lands and collects experiences along the way. Kino is highly intelligent, cool under pressure, a little distant, and an awesome gunslinger.

Kino (キノ) and Hermes and their Options

10. Who is you least favourite animated character?

Gendo Ikari – watch Evangelion and be prepared to redefine your definition of heartless.

11. What movie icon (director/actor/actress) that you think he/she should have a biopic movie in the future?

Takeshi Kitano. The guy is outspoken, controversial and a huge personality. Lots of people love him, some hate him. I love his films and I would love to see a biopic so I can understand him. I would like an insight into his early days especially – from working in a strip club to performing as part of a manzai duo to the motorcycle accident.

Takeshi Kitano in Boiling Point

12 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award Answers

  1. Nice to know a little bit about you, Jason. I think at some point you should visit Japan, I know I would (love to go there).
    Does your sister blog about movies too?
    When you leave a person for a movie, you’re definitely a movie lover! I love Bridget Jones, by the way!
    What kind of novel you’re writing? Fascinating, I discovered 2 of my movie blogger friends who wants to write a novel.
    I agree that going to the cinema alone will make you watch a movie with full concentration.

    1. It was nice getting to know something about you too, Andina.

      I will go to Japan… I’m not sure when but I will!

      My sister doesn’t blog about movies although she has shown interest.

      I should have known you would have loved Bridget Jones! At least I can say that I have seen it.

      My novel is a dystopian one inspired by Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and the anime Paranoia Agent. When it tops best-seller lists I will deny these connections and claim it was a totally original idea!

  2. Anne's Anime Blog

    Whatevs, Gendo is awesome. Is it wrong that he is one of my favorite character because he is one stone-cold badass? However, I see where you’re coming from. &Hell yeah for a Black Lagoon movie.

  3. goregirl

    Which Dr. Who? Was it Jon Pertwee? He’s my fave! I like Tom Baker too.
    Ghostbusters? Really? Favourite soundtrack? Are you sure? Saving the Day? Really?
    Kitano is a great choice…he would also be a potential answer for what director would you most like to get drunk with.

    1. The current Doctor – Matt Smith. He’s a nice guy. There are other tracks on the Ghostbusters OST that I like… Actually if I had to pick an 80’s soundtrack it would be The Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise by Ryuichi Sakamoto

      I’m going to change my choice!

      Watch Boiling Point and tell me that Kitano is a great guy to get drunk with… It starts off fun but someone always gets hurt.

  4. “I tend to go to the movies alone (because my taste is idiosyncratic)” — me too! In fact, I much prefer to go alone. Especially once a movie finishes and people feel forced to make awkward comments about the film they just saw which they found too bizarre and I totally loved.

    “And frowning at them when they make noise eating after the film has started.” Haha, I would totally do that. Eat I mean (I’d starve otherwise!). I’m the one who noisily crunches on a carrot while watching. (But I get the food out before the film starts so I don’t make noise rummaging for it.)

    “Kino’s Journey” … adding that to the to-watch list!

    Nice choice with Kusanagi by the way! I’ll just girl-crush on her because she’s so awesome.

    1. There are only a few times when I wish I had someone to talk to about a movie immediately after watching one – The Skin I Live In and possibly Melancholia because they were so much fun and so crazy. After watching Oldboy my Bridget Jones loving friend was lukewarm in his praise of the film. He said something like “Well that was different…” Looking back I guess this was the start of our friendship crumbling…

      I eat food at a cinema as well but much like yourself I get it all done in the twenty minutes of trailers/ads before the film starts! A carrot…? That must be… fun. I’ve eaten a cheesecake while watching Rachel Getting Married and We Are What We Are. The cheesecake was the highlight on both counts.

      Kino no Tabi is awesome. It makes me so happy!

      Kusanagi is so much more interesting than any western superhero. I re-read that section… “Japanese anime”… redundant use of words…

      1. I haven’t seen a whole lot of those films – The Skin I Live in, Melancholia and Oldboy. Melancholia I’ll probably watch one day, not sure about the others.

        Well, I eat random things – whatever I happen to have on me. Carrots and apples tend to be common, although at the Korean Cultural Centre screens it tends to be Chinese steamed bao (because they sell them super-cheap at the nearby Chinatown and I stop by there on my way to the KCCUK). And sushi once too. I’m probably someone’s nightmare in the cinema!

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