One Off OVA: New Trailer

When I heard news that the character designer for the anime Kino’s Journey was working on a a new project, an OVA named One Off, I was pretty excited. While I resisted the moé vibes given off by the first trailer I did enjoy the art. Now the Japanese movie studio Shochiku has started streaming a second trailer.


The story focusses on Haruno Shiozaki, a second-year high school student who lives with her parents at their remote country boarding house in the highlands. She finds life boring and longs to live in the city. Her only joy is brought to her by her scooter, Honda’s Giorno. This will all change after a fateful meeting at the boarding house.

One Off Group PoseHaruno is voiced by Saori Goto (Kukura in Joshiraku). She will be joined by Saori Hayami (Miho in Bakuman, Saki in Eden of the East), Eri Kitamura (Karen Araragi in Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari), Yu Kobayashi (Nice Holystone in Bacanno!), and Sayuri Yahagi (Akechi in Oda Nobuna’s Ambition).

The director is Junichi Sato who has been involved with anime as diverse as Aria the Natural, Gegege no Kitarō, Princess Tutu and Slayers Premium. Shigeru Kimiya (Master Keaton) is acting as chief director. Original character designs come from Kouhaku Kuroboshi who designed Kino’s Journey and Sky Girls. His designs will be adapted for the OVA by Atsuko Watanabe (Acchi Kocchi, GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class). Masashi Suzuki (Tactics and Hell Girl) is writing scripts. Kenichi Tajiri (tsuritama, Aria the Origination) is the art director while music is provided by Takashi Harada (A Tree of Palme). The theme song which can be heard in the trailer comes from Nino and Round Table who worked together on the magnificent opening for Welcome to the NHK. Production is by TYO Animations (Tamayura).

The OVA will be released in two volumes. The first volume will be released on the 28th of November and the second will be released on the 21st of December. The two will be linked together in a theatrical screening at Osaka’s Namba Park Cinema on the 5th of August.

Voice Actors: Saori Goto (Haruno Shiozaki),Eri Kitamura (Rie Maezono), Saori Hayami Kouhaku Kuroboshi designs for One Off(Sayo Kaburagi), Sayuri Yahagi (Anri Bessho), Yu Kobayashi (Cynthia B. Rogers

Staff: Junichi Sato (Director), Shigeru Kimiya (Chief Director), Masashi Suzuki (Script), Atsuko Watanabe (Character Design), Kouhaku Kuroboshi (Original Character Design), Nino & Round Table (Theme Song), Takashi Harada (Music), Kenichi Tajiri (Art Director)

Studio: TYO Animation

Release: 05th of August 2012

4 thoughts on “One Off OVA: New Trailer

  1. I must confess I haven’t watched a lot of anime, even though I do like the films I’ve seen. I can never remember the names though (doh!). Obviously Spirited Away, the Moving Castle film (can’t remember the exact title. And more recently I watched another anime that I enjoyed – I suppose if I say it had a bus that was actually a cat – would you know which film I mean?
    Lynn 😀

    1. You’ve watched some of the major Ghibli films! Spirited Away is one of my top ten films (and best cinema experiences ever). I liked Howl’s Moving Castle (based on the fantasy book by Diana Wynne Jones) and the Catbus comes from My Neighbour Totoro.

      You should check out Princess Mononoke and The Castle of Cagliostro.

      If you want to go deeper and try something different then you should look up Ghost in the Shell

      For television series you could try Paranoia Agent

      You can also try Crunchyroll for free and legal anime. Time of Eve is my favourite from there but I’m also enjoying Sword Art Online.

      1. Definitely read the Princess Mononoke film. The other one, which was sad, was about a boy who ends up looking after his sister (Fireflies – can’t remember the full title). They end up living alone near a river – made me feel like crying!

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