Sion Sono Appreciation Society Podcast Part 1

Welcome to the Sion Sono Appreciation Society Suicide Season podcast. By Society I mean Goregirl and I, but that’s still a pretty awesome line-up. Anyway this is the first of two podcasts which will analyse some of Sono’s output. The two podcasts originally started out as a general discussion of his films in general but we decided to focus on his titles that gravitate closer to horror. In this episode we look at two of his greatest films, Suicide Circle and Noriko’s Dinner Table. Despite my rather lame attempts at trying to add structure to the conversation this is pretty much two cinephiles discussing whatever comes to mind. We go pretty in depth and there are some spoilers so if you have not watched the films yet then you might want to view them.

I hope you enjoy. My thanks go out to Goregirl for her brilliant performance!



4 thoughts on “Sion Sono Appreciation Society Podcast Part 1

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  2. goregirl

    Next time I won’t drink so much! Seriously I laugh a lot through this! Looking forward to hearing part 2 (and 3?)! Spoiler***Sono will be on my next list of five directors and I’m going to put another link to the podcast! Podcasts are Fun! Thanks for having me as a guest J!

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