Hong Kong 15 Film Festival Schedule and Guests Announced

I’ve got important details including guests, dates, and times so take a gander at the films on offer and make a choice since the festival starts tomorrow!

‘Hong Kong 15’ Film Festival Logo

The 1st of July marks fifteen years since Hong Kong was returned to Chinese sovereignty and to commemorate that special occasion, the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office, London, and Terracotta Festival have teamed up to hold a film festival which will showcase the best of Hong Kong films past and present, and pay tribute to one of the most vibrant sources of films in the world.

The ‘Hong Kong 15 Film Festival’ launches tomorrow on the 2nd of July 2012 at the Odeon Covent Garden, London and it will run for a fortnight until 14th July. Fifteen films have been carefully selected and like the Terracotta Festival there will be guests attending including world renowned star Jimmy Wang Yu and producer Roger Lee who will be appearing in their respective film screenings, along with acclaimed directors Fung Chih Chiang and Jessey Tsang. Here’s the schedule:

Opening FilmA Simple Life Movie Poster:

A Simple Life – 2011 dir. Ann Hui

Q&A with Roger Lee, producer and writer

2nd July 2012, 19:00

Based on the life story of producer Roger Lee, a nostalgic and award-winning story of a young masters relationship with his family servant after she suffers a stroke, starring Andy Lau and Deanie Ip.Infernal Affairs Poster

Infernal Affairs – 2002 dir. Andrew Lau and Alan Mak

3rd July 20112, 18:15

Remade as The Departed, the film that sparked renewed interest in the Hong Kong film industry is a clever double undercover thriller pitting a policeman undercover in a triad gang, and a triad member as a mole in the police force.

White Vengeance – 2011 dir. Daniel Lee (UK Premiere)

4th July 2012 18:15

Martial arts sword fighting action set during the period of the battle of the Kingdom of Qin.

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