Shinya Tsukamoto Films at the East End Film Festival

Shinya Tsukamoto, Director of Nightmare DetectiveShinya Tsukamoto (Nightmare Detective, Vital) is going to have three of his films screened at the East End Film Festival next month ahead of their blu-ray release, thanks to Third Window Films, in the UK later this year. The madness kicks off on the 4th of July when the festival screens two of his films, the classic Tetsuo, The Iron Man (1989) and Tetsuo: Body Hammer (1992) at the Hackney Picturehouse. The festival will then be screening his latest film Kotoko which will be shown on the 5th of July at 20:30 at the Rich Mix CinTetsuo, the Iron Manema.

Earlier this year Third Window Films announced that the Tetsuo films will be released together as a Blu-ray double-pack in October with brand new transfers restored from the original negatives by Shinya Tsukamoto and his  45 minute Tetsuo-prototype film ‘The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy’ (Denchu Kozo no Boken) in the package. KOTOKO will also be released in October.

Also screening at the festival is the film Cut, a gritty post-modern tale of a passionate cinephile mixing with the yakuza (this film was released at the end of last year and part of one of my first proper weekly trailer posts), Reed: The Life and Works of Roy Kiyooka, a film which looks at the Japanese-Canadian artist and his influence on North American art, and Radioactivists which looks at the recent changes in protest culture in Japan.

Thanks go out to Kyaputenbanana for the alert an Otherwhere for further information.


2 thoughts on “Shinya Tsukamoto Films at the East End Film Festival

  1. Tsukamoto will be making an appearance in Edinburgh first, where both Tetsuo films and Kotoko will be screening. Not sure though if there are any Q&A’s (the EIFF catalogue doesn’t indicate this) and I think he’s only doing a masterclass in London.

    1. Yep, he’s presenting the Tetsuo films and Kotoko. I’ll change Q&A to masterclass. I haven’t checked the Edinburgh site yet because I wanted to see if I could get a festival-tan connected but thanks for the alert.

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