Japanese Movie Events in June

Planet London is getting a host of excellent movie events dedicated to Asian films (thanks go to Otherwhere who spotted these) with Japanese films featuring prominently thanks to the Japan Foundation and the British Film Institute.

Two Masters of Japanese Cinema: Kaneto Shindo & Kozaburo Yoshimura

Kuroneko Bamboo Forest

The BFI and the Japan Foundation have co-organised a two-month tribute to Kaneto Shindo and his close collaborator Kozaburo Yoshimura. Yes, that’s Kaneto Shindo of Onibaba, Naked Island, and Kuroneko fame (check out Goregirl’s glowing review for that). The retrospective will screen a selection of major works by both directors with June’s programme focusing primarily on the 1950s, the period when their collaboration was at its closest, and July’s programme span the period stretching from the 1960s to the 21st century.

Films for Part One of the season can be found on the BFI website.

Speaking of the BFI, there’s also their Anime Season which I posted about last month. There are a lot of great titles but the highlight has to be A Letter to Momo.

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