Live-Action Film Trailer of Another

Another                                              Mei Misaki - Another Poster

Japanese Title: Another

Release Date: 04th August 2012 (Japan)

Running Time: N/A

Director: Takeshi Furusawa

Writer: Sachiko Tanaka, Yukito Ayatsuji (Novel)

Starring: Ai Hashimoto, Kento Yamazaki

Yukito Ayatsuji’s supernatural-mystery novel Another has sparked an anime adaptation (which I liked a lot) and a live-action movie which is in post-production. The website for the movie has now started to stream a trailer and it looks entertaining.


The story takes place back in the Spring of 1998 at Yomiyama Kita middle school where a transfer student named Kouichi Sakakibara arrives from Tokyo and finds himself in a class under a curse which causes unavoidable death. It seems to be linked to the death of a student in 1972 but a code of silence has developed amongst pupils and teachers past and present. When classmates begin to die Kouichi finds himself drawn into the deadly curse with only the silent and mysterious Mei Misaki seemingly able to give answers.

I started following the anime back in January when it was first aired in Japan and watched the series to its explosive conclusion so the film will hold little tension or mystery for me as it covers the same story. The talent behind it is respectable. The director is Takeshi Furusawa who acted as assistant director to Kiyoshi Kurosawa on the classic J-horror film Pulse and director of the so-so Ghost Train. Kento Yamazaki (Wings of the Kirin) plays Kouichi while Mei Misaki is played by Ai Hashimoto (Confessions, Sadako 3D). The two will already have the chemistry needed since they both worked on Miki Takahiro’s Control Tower which was released last year to decent reviews. The live-action version of Another goes on theatrical release in Japan on the 4th of August.

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