Cannes Film Festival Like Someone In Love

65th Cannes Film Festival Banner

Cannes-chanLike Someone in Love

Release Date: Cannes

Running Time: N/A

Director: Abbas Kiarostami

Writer: Abbas Kiarostami

Starring: Rin Takanashi, Tadashi Okuno, Denden, Ryo Kase

We’re getting close to the movie event of te month and so the Cannes Film Festival has started to tease the film world with media from the films that will be at the festival. Thanks to Nippon Cinema we got the heads-up for some images and a trailer for Kiarostami’s follow up to Certified Copy, Like Someone in Love. The trailer looks similar to the one I posted… last month (so I’ll use it again) but the images are new. Mostly.

A young female student named Akiko (Rin Takanashi) works as a prostitute to pay off her univeisty fees. One of her clients is an elderly academic (Tadashi Okuno) who is fond of her. Soon a relationship develops between the two.

The cast includes Rin Takanashi who starred in Goth: Love of Death, Denden who stars in Cold Fish and Himizu and Ryo Kase who is in  SPEC: The Movie which is hanging on in the Japanese charts. Kiarostami has previously won big at Cannes by taking the Palme d’Or for Taste of Cherry in 1997. Here are the pictures.

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8 thoughts on “Cannes Film Festival Like Someone In Love

    1. Ryo Kase’s filmography features some impressive films – Sky Crawlers, Bright Future, Survive Style 5+, Nobody Knows, Outrage. Like Someone in Love looks good so far and there’s a great cast (although I’m not familiar with Tadashi Okuno). It will be interesting to see how Kiarostami adapts to Japan.

      1. Captain Banana

        Wasn’t the biggest fan of Sky Crawlers but the rest you’ve listed there, I love. If you haven’t seen them already there’s two little movies that I really like that he’s in, Frog River which is just pure fun and Antenna, a fairly tough movie to watch but well worth it.

        Ryo Kase is the main reason why I’m looking forward to Like Someone in Love.

      2. I’ll look up Frog River and Antenna. I really liked Sky Crawlers – awesome soundtrack by Kenji Kawai and great dogfights. I’m also a fan of Oshii and existentialism. I’ve got a Sky Crawlers review from two years ago waiting to be published.

      3. Was the marketing cutting trailers and images to make it look like a film full of epic air battles? I had no idea what the film was about when I watched it but I’m a major fan of the director. Have you seen other Oshii films?

      4. Captain Banana

        Exactly that, it felt like it was going to be some epic action and I try not to read reviews before watching movies so all I really had to go by was the trailer, I probably have trouble connecting with animated characters too so that probably hurt it for me aswell.

        I’ve seen the Ghost in the Shell movies, Avalon, Sky Crawlers and Assault Girls…..I think that’s pretty much it.

      5. I avoid trailers and reviews. No Country for Old Men was spoiled because all the cool bits were shown on Film 2008. Anyway you should watch Patlabor 1 and 2. They are great. The second one looks at the JSDF and its relationship with Japan. Another great soundtrack from Kenji Kawai.

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