Blood-C: The Last Dark Web Trailer

Film distributor Shochiku began streaming a web trailer for the forthcoming big screen title Blood-C: The Last Dark, the movie that aims to build on the groundwork laid down by my least favourite TV anime of last year Blood-C.


Fumito Nanahara is an influential politician who rules Tokyo with an iron fist. He has introduced the Youth Ordinance Bill which enforces curfews for the young and regulates the internet. Despite this a group of young people have formed a group named SIRRUT and pan on attacking Fumito. In the course of their research they discover “Tower”, a secret organisation that is backing Fumito and conducts human experimentation. When Sirrut attempt to expose “Tower” in the Tokyo subway mysterious creatures appear. So too does Saya, a young girl who survived the horrific incident in Ukishima Province with a sword that can defeat the Old Ones.

While the story does not leave me too enthused the trailer is packed with blood, gore, and monster slaying and looks more like the Blood franchise than the TV series did.

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