Trailer for The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

Writer/director Mamoru Hosoda is a big name in anime. His work on “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” and “Summer Wars” has seen him called the next “Hayao Miyazaki” but as much as I liked the former the latter left me cold. Here’s a trailer for his next film which will soon be released.

A story of love between parents and children that takes place over thirteen starts when a university student named Hana falls in love with Ōkami who is a “wolf man”. The two marry and have children named after the weather on the day they were born – Yuki (snow) the older sister and Ame (rain) the younger brother. The four live quietly in a city concealing the true existence of their relationship until Ōkami dies and Hana decides to move to the country.

The Voice Actors involved comes from the world of live action movies. Hana is voiced by the actress Aoi Miyazaki (who does have experience in anime after voicing Tula in Origin: Spirits of the Past). Yuki is voiced by Haru Kuroki, Yukito Nishii, who starred in Confessions, voices Ame while Takao Osawa voices Ōkami.

Aiding Hosoda with scripting duties is Satoko Okudera whose career has involved a lot of The Wolf Children Posterstunning films like “Summer Wars”, “Miyori’s Forest”, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, and “The Princess and the Pilot”. More talent is present in the form of the legendary character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto who should be familiar from “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water”, “FLCL”, and the “Evangelion” series.

The movie will go on theatrical release on the 21st of July.

Staff: Mamoru Hosoda (Original Creator, Director, Screenplay), Okudera Satoko (Screenplay), Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Character Design)

Voice Actors: Aoi Miyazaki (Hana), Haru Kuroki (Yuki), Yukito Nishii, (Ame), Takao Osawa (Ōkami)

Studio: Madhouse Studios