March Round Up and The Love Leading to Tomorrow Trailer

What a week. What a month. I did not go to a cinema at all until the last week of the month. This lack of interest is rare but the releases did not appeal to me. I fell back on my DVD collection and I had a blast reviewing the South Korean The Quiet Family for the Korean Blogathon, and I reviewed so many interesting Japanese films like Starfish Hotel, Goth: Love of Death and the films for Sion Sono Season including Cold Fish and Love Exposure. Sion Sono Season draws to a close tomorrow with a review for a film which is probably one of the best that I have seen this year not least due to the Cold Fish Shamamotofact it appeals to the existentialist in me! – To be born is to suffer. To wander without direction is the path of life. – I had to travel all the way to London to get at it but I was so moved by it… Anyway Japanese classes are on Easter break so I went to the university library and got out two Kurosawa films – Drunken Angel and One Wonderful Sunday.  たのしい エスター!

The Japanese box-office charts have an interesting mix of films. Two of last week’s releases have entered the charts with Take the ‘A’ Train entering at number 10 and Ultraman Saga entering at 4. Classic robot cat character Doraemon maintains his dominance at number one with over $3 million in box office returns.

Only one Japanese film released this week and it does not look all that interesting to me. It stars Ren Osugi which reminds me that his performance in Exte was brilliantly funny so I’ll watch that again.


The Love Leading to Tomorrow

Release Date: 31st March 2012 (Japan)

Running Time: 105 mins.

Director: Hideyuki Katsuki

Writer: Hideyuki Katsuki

Starring: Sayaka Ichii, Alex Ru, Ayane Omori, Roi Hayashi, Su Ma, Mirai Yamamoto, Ren Osugi, Kotaro Takada

A movie made to celebrate forty years of diplomatic ties between China and Japan.


The action takes place in Tokyo. Aomori, and Beijing, and follows Yuko, a fashion designer and single mother whose grandmother was an orphan in China. Yuko meets and falls in love Koyuan Wan (Alex Ru) and finds her life takes an interesting turn.

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