The Lies of Locke Lamora Readalong Part Three

The third week of the Lies of Locke Lamora readalong is upon us and I’m ahead of the game for once. I was tempted to read ahead but decided to rein it in and watch some movies because I’m behind on my viewing… Anyway check out Little Red Reviewer, the lynch mob leader, for more information and opinions.

1. This section is where we finally get to sneak a peek at the magic in The Gentleman Bastards books. From what we read, what are your initial impressions of the magic Lynch is using? Is there any way that Locke and Company would be able to get around the Bondsmage’s powers?

I found the introduction of magic very intriguing. The Bondsmagi are NOT glass cannons. They seem over-powerful and I love the way that they have seemingly created a monopoly over magic. They even manipulate the genetics of creatures which means they breed interesting beasts. I want to find out how they do these things! Overall to get around the Bondsmage they’ll need one of their own.

2. Not a question, but an area for rampant speculation: If you want to take a stab at who you think the Grey King might be, feel free to do it here.

After the introduction of Nazca I was so sure that she was the Grey King because she struck me as such a strong character and liable to use underhanded means to usurp her father’s throne.

2.5 (since 2 wasn’t really a question) Anyone see the Nazca thing coming? Anyone? Do you think there are more crazy turns like this in store for the book? Would you like to speculate about them here? (yes, yes you would)

The Nazca thing totally threw me. This is the first time that I’ve read the book and I enjoy the twists and turns and that one was totally unexpected. It seemed like she was set up as a major character complete with her origin story etc. I enjoyed her presence and the possibilities that her marriage to Locke might present in terms of plot complications but that’s all over now. It’s possible that it’s all part of a deception buuuut… I can’t tell.


3. When Locke says “Nice bird, arsehole,” I lose it. EVERY TIME. And not just because I have the UK version of the book and the word arsehole is funnier than asshole. Have there been any other places in the books so far where you found yourself laughing out loud, or giggling like a crazy person on the subway?

I have the same version of the book as you. I usually burst into laughter when Locke’s childhood schemes get bigger and bigger and more audacious. I usually have a wry chuckle at some of Locke’s comebacks. They beat some that I have heard!

4. By the end of this reading section, have your opinions changed about how clever the Bastards are? Do you still feel like they’re “cleverer than all the rest?” Or have they been decidedly outplayed by the Grey King and his Bondsmage?

The Grey King owns them. By the end of the section it is clear that The Grey King is pulling the strings of everybody. Locke totally underestimated him and he is more than stitched up. They may be the smartest in the city of Camorr but they have not tangled with anybody like this. Indeed they have gotten lazy due to the lack of challenge and now they have to up their game. I have no doubt that the Gentlemen Bastards will get out of this but I’m not sure if they will all survive.

5. I imagine that you’ve probably read ahead, since this was a huge cliffhanger of an ending for the “present” storyline, but I’ll ask this anyway: Where do you see the story going from here, now that the Grey King is thought to be dead?

I started reading ahead but stopped so I could answer this.

6. What do you think of the characters Scott Lynch has given us so far? Are they believable? Real? Fleshed out? If not, what are they lacking?
At first I found the world building slow but now that I see all of the composite parts of the character come together and the way they are forged in the world they live in. It is genuinely interesting to read. After initial dislike I’ve grown to like Jean over the course of the book.

7. Now that you’ve seen how clever Chains is about his “apprenticeships,” why do you think he’s doing all of this? Does he have an endgame in sight? Is there a goal he wants them to achieve, or is it something more emotional like revenge?

Chains wants to leave a legacy. That legacy will be Camorr in chaos. The Secret Peace will be exposed and the people will revolt. It will be epic. Or maybe I’m wrong. In any case everything he says and does has a practical element and is aimed at getting his gang to the top of Camorr’s criminal underworld. He’s a pretty awesome teacher unlike some others I’ve seen…

17 thoughts on “The Lies of Locke Lamora Readalong Part Three

  1. I’m glad you’ve got over your dislike of Jean – he’s my favourite character. I really liked Nazca – but we all know how that ended! I was a bit gobsmacked actually – this is a reread for me but I had actually forgotten about her murder! Maybe I’d blocked it out. LOL
    Lynn 😀

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    1. Indeed. I had considered the possibility when she seemed so assured about the fact that she and Locke could find a way out of the proposal. Then again, there’s always the possibility that she won’t stay dead…

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  5. and since everyone is so sure The Grey King is dead, he can pull even more shit over people’s heads, and no one would ever suspect him, because he’s dead. . . right?

    Locke is so used to the Camorri idiots, and he’s so used to a mark that he can observe over months and months, that now that he has to play something blind, he’s screwed. Sewn up indeed!

    I’ve read these books a bazillion times. I know the Nazca thing is coming. but everytime, still, it pisses me off. why did she have to die??? Scott Lynch, how do you know how to find the most sensitive part of my heart and thrust a molten crossbow bolt right into it?? even worse, I know what’s coming, and I have zero armor against it.

    1. Lynch really knows how to pull the rug out from under people. I was so sure Nazca was going to take a major role in events and then BAM! Taken out of play. And the way Echo Hole was built up as a super-scary place populated by creepy creatures I was expecting an ambush that would wipe out the criminal order of Camorr.

      I just can’t tell where this is going which is very exciting.

  6. “I started reading ahead but stopped so I could answer this.”

    And then you didn’t answer it! 😦 I’m glad I found this blog. So far, you’re the first read-along partaker I’ve found that has actually managed to stop reading at the right place. I was so looking forward to hearing predictions about what’s to come from someone who doesn’t already know.

    I love your idea that Nazca was the King, that would’ve been quite interesting as well. And she’s definitely smart enough to pull it off.

    1. Yeah. Spoilers everywhere one turns 🙂 The whole Nazca situation ending floored me. I was so sure that she was the King because, like you say, she’s smart enough to pull it off. Nobody is safe in this book! Apart from Locke and Jean.

      1. I think the biggest shock with Nazca was that she didn’t feel like ‘a bit role’. She had history and everything felt as though it was being built towards a different outcome.

      2. Nobody is safe indeed! Damn Scott Lynch! ……I don’t really mean that. He is one of my favourite authors now, based on this novel alone. But I loved those characters! Chains, Nazca both gone. More to come, I’m sure. 😦

        I’ll have a tissue at the ready next time I pick up The Lies of Locke Lamora.

      3. realbooks4everstephanie

        We don’t actually know if Jean is safe…I don’t know that to be for sure because I haven’t read ahead but I really think if Nazca can be killed off, anyone outside of Locke can go too.

      4. Haha, and even calling Locke safe is a bit relative. I mean, I wouldn’t consider being stuck in a barrel of horse-piss “safe.”

  7. Just as I hope one of the books will be about the Elderglass and all this mysterious stuff, I hope one will be about the Bondsmagi and their “techniques”, it looks really fascinating.
    And it’s right, no one is safe now… tension is building!!

    1. I’d love to find out about the Elderglass and the Eldren. When they were in Echo Hole I epected something connected to Eldren to pop up. I hope Jean and the other Gentlemen Bastards survive.

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