Kino no Tabi Character Designer Working on One Off Anime OVA?

As reported by Anime News Network, the official website for the anime One Off has revealed staff, story, images and trailer.


The story focusses on Haruno Shiozaki, a second-year high school student who lives with her parents at their remote country boarding house in the highlands. She finds life boring and longs to live in the city. Her only joy is brought to her by her motorcycle, a Honda Giorno. This will all change after a fateful meeting at the boarding  house.

I’m a big fan of Kino’s Journey so when I read that the original character designs for Kouhaku Kuroboshi designs for One OffOne Off come from Kouhaku Kuroboshi who designed Kino’s Journey I was excited. When I say big fan of Kino’s Journey I mean MAJOR. I have the series, movies, desktop wallpaper etc. I can see a bit of it in the illustration so I was eager to watch the tailer. After viewing the trailer I found the whole pulling her pants down thing disheartening. Kino is better than that. I hope this doesn’t devolve into fan-service.

Leading the production is Junichi Sato who has handled gentle slice of life properties as diverse as Aria the Natural, Gegege no Kitarō, Princess Tutu and Slayers Premium. I have little to no idea of Aria but I hear it’s a great anime to relax to because the atmosphere and stories are so gentle. Which may translate into fluff put out to please otaku and pander to their desires. Other major names include Masashi Suzuki (Tactics and Hell Girl) who is handling scripts, Shigeru Kimiya (Master Keaton) acting as chief director and character designs coming from Atsuko Watanabe (GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class). Production is by TYO Animations (Tamayura).

Interestingly vehicle manufacturer Honda is providing support including sponsoring the OAV and showcasing a specially painted motorcycle at the Osaka and Tokyo Motorcycle Show one of which was revealed by Honda via Twitter.

Vehicle Manufacturer show off a Honda Motorcycle Connected to One Off

Staff: Junichi Sato (Director), Masashi Suzuki (Series Composition, Script), Atsuko Watanabe (Character Design), Kouhaku Kuroboshi (Kino’s Jouney)

Studio: TYO Animation

Release: 2012