Genki Podcast! – Silent Hill 2

One of my blogging experiments is complete! The Podcast that I promised two weeks ago is finally finished! What classic Japanese films will my mystery guest and I dissect? Actually it’s a videogame! Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 2's James Sunderland

Silent Hill 2 is a survival horror video game that was made by Team Silent a production group inside Konami and it was published in 2001. The player takes control of James Sunderland who comes to the titular town of Silent Hill after getting a letter from his wife Mary. In the letter she has written that she is waiting for him in their “Special Place” which is a location in Silent Hill that James has to try to remember. So the player has to guide James through Silent Hill revisiting his memories of her and the time they spent together in Silent Hill. Unfortunately a lot has changed since they last visited not least the fact that it’s foggy as hell and stuffed full of monsters. In this podcast Vashdaman and recount some of our favourite parts.

Word of warning before you listen – I have yet to master the audio editing software so turn the volume low before you start playing then crank it up for the rock intro – Zappa. The podcast is full of spoilers and rambling. Thanks go out to Vash from the Anime UK News forums for taking part!

Here’s the video I mentioned in the podcast which compares the old VA’s with the new ones.



4 thoughts on “Genki Podcast! – Silent Hill 2

  1. Vashdaman

    Thanks for posting that VA comparison, I know what you mean now! It comes off as way too overacted. Eddie sounds like Dirty Harry and James came off as far too strong, which doesn’t fit his character (he always runs from problems, ect). I’m pleased they decided to stick to the original.

    Good job on getting the podcast up so quick too, though I still haven’t checked it out yet. Yes I’m one of those people who struggle to listen back to their own voice, I might sound like one of those Voice overs!

    1. Thanks for taking part in the talk. It was the first time I had used Adobe Soundbooth but I liked it a lot. I need to learn how to use it more effectively to clean up the sound and make it easier to hear.

  2. goregirl

    Hey! You have an accent…! You really get in-depth here. I suck powerfully at video games although I have played or attempted to play every single horror game that was avaiable for Xbox. I played Silent Hill 4 first and got so in to it that I stayed up for a day and a half playing it until I finished. Had to get cheats off the web for the mental hospital bit where you have to rotate the building to get all the shutes to connect. I couldn’t buy Silent Hill 2 fast enough!. I found it more difficult to move the character about in 2 but I loved the story and the killer atmosphere! Also, for an animated guy he is quite attractive. I also loved FATAL FRAME!

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      I love Silent Hill 2. It’s in my top ten video games of all time!

      My accent is so-so. I like to think my chaotic writing gives the impression that I sound posh but misguided considering all of the long words and wayward sentences I use. I have Fatal Frame 2 which I found very scary. Playing Japanese school girls who are rubbish at running and armed with cameras is not for the faint of heart!

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