March 11th – A Year On: Charity Events

It is a year on since the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami which claimed 20,000 lives and caused the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant to go into meltdown. Japan is recovering but slowly. Unfortunately over 300,000 people are without homes and communities are in disarray with ghost towns replacing once lively cities. Many news organisations are reporting the anniversary with the BBC and Guardian providing pictures that show what the disaster hit areas look like now. the BBC is also providing coverage of memorial events in Japan.

As a blogger that focusses on Japanese films a lot I want to play a part in aiding in the reconstruction and making people aware of events around the UK. You can donate money to the UK Japan Foundation’s fundraiser or check out the Japanese embassy website for anything that might be happening near you – most of these are in London.

Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along – Part One

Usually I review Asian films but this is the first weekend discussion of The Lies of Locke Lamora read along which was organise by Little Red Reviewer amongst others and I’ve always wanted to read the book so now is the perfect time to do it.


1. If this is your first time reading The Lies of Locke Lamora, what do you think of it so far?  If this is a re-read for you, how does the book stand up to rereading?

This is the first time that I have read it and so far I am enjoying it. At first there was a lot of back story and world building but when I got through that and into the meat of the long-con events started to pick up.

2. At last count, I found three time lines:  Locke as as a 20-something adult, Locke meeting Father Chains for the first time, and Locke as a younger child in Shades Hill. How are you doing with the Flashback within a flashback style of introducing characters and the world?

No problem on this front. Years of watching films has armed me well for zombie invasions, dramatic court room speeches and flashbacks within flashbacks with a flash-forward to add some spice. At no point was I confused which is a sign of the brilliant crafting that has taken place. I’m also very curious about some of the characters that have been set up who have yet to make an appearance.

3. Speaking of the world, what do you think of Camorr and Lynch’s world building?

From what I’ve read of the book I am enjoying the world that has been created – specifically the way alchemy is used in nature and architecture and the way that the populace of Camorr are inhabiting these intriguing buildings made from “Elder glass”. The word “elder” immediately makes me think Lovecraft and Cthuhu mythos so I’m hooked.

4. Father Chains and the death offering. . .  quite the code of honor for thieves, isn’t it? What kind of person do you think Chains is going to mold Locke into? 

I suspect that Father Chains is trying to craft Locke into something more than a gentleman thief. Perhaps a super gentleman thief. That poor answer reflects the fact that I have little idea of the direction that his character is heading.
5. It’s been a while since I read this, and I’d forgotten how much of the beginning of the book is pure set up, for the characters, the plot, and the world. Generally speaking, do you prefer set up and world building done this way, or do you prefer to be thrown into the deep end with what’s happening?

I’m not too picky but I like getting thrown into events and discovering the world as the action rolls along. It allows me to work things out on the run.

6. If you’ve already started attempting to pick the pockets of your family members (or even thought about it!) raise your hand.

I would try pickpocketing but I’m too busy watching films. Anyway if watching unhealthy amounts of films and anime has taught me anything it’s that pickpockets are dealt with harshly in Japan.