Samurai Princess サムライプリンセス 外道姫 (2009)

Samurai Princess Header

Another cheap and cheerful low-budget CGI and make-up gore-fest with AV actress Aino Kishi in the lead.

In an alternative shogun-era Japan a group of girls are playing in the Infinite Forest only to be attacked by sex-crazed androids. One of these girls survives and is rescued by a scientist and Buddhist nun. The rescued girl begs the scientist Kyoraku (Mitsuru Karahashi) to turn her into an android and she will become the titular Samurai Princess (Aino Kishi) and with the help of ex-Shogun Bureau investigator Gekko (Dai Mizuno) she will slice and dice her way through the forest in order to avenge her friends. Little do the two realise that Shogun Bureau detectives are on the trail of androids and are hunting Kyoraku and ultimately them.

Kengo Kaji, co-writer of Tokyo Gore Police, made his directorial debut with this film. With involvement from Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl) in the special effects department fans should be well aware of what they are going to get.

Bloodshed in Samurai Princess

Samurai Princess is defined as an ero guro action film which, according to Wikipedia, “puts its focus on eroticism, sexual corruption and decadence”. Well there’s an abundance of nudity and physical horror here – usually with the two combined and Aino Kishi fronting the goods in tame on-screen battles and one sex-scene. Unfortunately the bits in-between the action are rather dull.

To be honest the whole film felt flat for me despite the nudity and violence. The writing and directing are functional, setting characters up and letting them head out to fight with little else provided. I had trouble making out the alternative historical Japan setting and thought it took place in a post-apocalyptic Japan thanks to the abundance of androids and badly dressed people.

Badly Dressed in Samurai Princess

The flatness extended to the characters – Aino is pretty but also pretty bland. Despite playing a character who has breasts that can turn into homing missiles she had little screen-presence and her acting range is rather limited – I just didn’t get an “Out For Revenge Vibe” from her. The same can be said for lead-male Dai Mizuno although he managed a level of cockiness. Both are pretty but are out-acted by the mad and bad characters like outlaw scientist Kyoraku and his harem of lovely lady androids. Mitsuru Karahashi plays him with a raised eye-brow and knowing wink and the girls respond in kind and bring much needed humour.

Kyoraku (Mitsuru Karahashi) the Android Maker Samurai Princess

Meanwhile the villains mix sex, death and violence in pleasingly creepy ways. Many limbs are lopped off and there is a lot of blood spilled. One villain has a chainsaw for a leg for Chainsaws for Legs in Samurai Chainsawcrying out loud and his sexy girlfriend struts around with shears for feet. This is where the film works best because the make-up and creatures are fun. The effects are not on a level with Tokyo Gore Police or Vampire Girl but the fights are just as frenetic and the body-weapons just as bizarre. The fights are most-defintely the highlight.

If you can rent this title then give it a shot. It’s competently written and directed but it fails to come to life outside of the fights and make-up.


Samurai Princess   Samurai Princess Film Poster

Japanese: サムライプリンセス 外道姫

Romaji: Samurai Purinsensu Gedohime

Release Date: 25th July 2009 (Japan)

Running Time: 84 mins.

Director: Kengo Kaji

Writer: Kengo Kaji, Sotaro Hayashi

Starring: Aino Kishi, Mihiro, Mitsuru Karahashi, Asuka Kataoka, Kentaro Shimazu, Satoshi Hakuzen, Yu Aiba, Miki Hirase

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