Samurai Princess サムライプリンセス 外道姫 (2009)

Samurai Princess Header

Another cheap and cheerful low-budget CGI and make-up gore-fest with AV actress Aino Kishi in the lead.

In an alternative shogun-era Japan a group of girls are playing in the Infinite Forest only to be attacked by sex-crazed androids. One of these girls survives and is rescued by a scientist and Buddhist nun. The rescued girl begs the scientist Kyoraku (Mitsuru Karahashi) to turn her into an android and she will become the titular Samurai Princess (Aino Kishi) and with the help of ex-Shogun Bureau investigator Gekko (Dai Mizuno) she will slice and dice her way through the forest in order to avenge her friends. Little do the two realise that Shogun Bureau detectives are on the trail of androids and are hunting Kyoraku and ultimately them.

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