Liebster Blog Award

I had a nice surprise at the end of last week when I received a Liebster blog award from Andina over at Inspired Ground. It is the first blog award I have received and it comes at a time when I have big plans for my blog. Anyway my thanks go out to Andina.


“The rules are that the winners have to pay forward to other people whose sites are worth the recognition. If they accept the award, they should: thank the person who nominated them; nominate five other favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers, and copy/paste the Liebster Blog Icon into their post.”

The blogs I’ll select are ones that will always have a permanent link from me because I enjoy their writing and think others can learn from them. Congratulations.

Inspired Ground – Andina tends to view films I’d ignore, which has persuaded me to reappraise me opinions on certain titles. She has thoughtful reviews and interesting soundtrack and guest features which are always fun to read and allow me to find out new things about films. We have been commenting on each other’s blogs and it’s always great to get her opinion on films.

Feed Me Films – Laura’s blog is a new one that I’ve started following recently. She’s actually a media student and strikes me as smart and knowledgable which is relfected in her writing which is intelligent, clear and concise. Unlike mine which is messy…     

360 Degree Review – This is another new site for me but I like the style and the fact that it covers all of the forthcoming films from the west which I ight miss. In an interesting spin on movie writing she covers movie news, release information and the like in 360 words.

A Matter of Life and Death – This one is another new site to me. I recently found it via the LAMB network. The blog name references one of my all-time favourite movies and the selection of films and television reviewed on the site are ones I would love to write about if I had more time.

Slouching Somewhere – Mabel has done something amazing. I never read travel blogs. Okay, that’s a lie. I skim some when they involve travel in Japan but I don’t pay much attention to the content. Slouching Somewhere was the first. I enjoy Mabel’s writing and pictures immensely and find her posts atmospheric. If I get the chance to go to these places I bet the posts would be helpful.

I found that picking five blogs was hard. There are so many I would have liked to include… the only reason I’m posting now is because I’m scared there’s some kind of time limit and I had a week to pass on this award before some ghost girl comes crawling out of a cinema screen to get me… Goregirl, Bonjour and the Asian movie blogs I follow have way more than two-hundred followers while a number of other blogs I follow have become inactive which ruled those guys out. The final five that I nominated are some of the newest, best and passionate so take the time to visit them, subscribe and comment and view some great opinions!

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Anime

4 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Jason, congratulations on your blog award! And thank you for the generous words…and thanks for the clip of the ghost girl appearing on the mirror and breaking through the wall–now I also have to quickly post my nominations before she comes crawling. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! The award says it all, and I’m sure a ton of us agree: you absolutely deserve recognition for this blog. Hurrah, hurrah (plus, awards seasons are a great excuse for a good “partay” ;)), and may there be many more coming your way! Thank you so much for the kind words and the shout-out, and please keep blogging!

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