East Winds Film Festival Returns!

East Winds Third Window Film Festival returns for a second year which is excellent news for fans of Far East films!

East Wind Third Window Film Festival Logo

The event takes place at Coventry University (in the heart of the campus in the Ellen Terry building) and lasts from the 2nd to the 4th of March. The best thing about this event, apart from seeing the films on a big screen, is the fact that there are guests in the form of directors and actors. This year’s line-up includes Satoshi Miki (Adrift in Tokyo, Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers, Instant Swamp) and his regular actress Fuse Eri. Also appearing is Herman Yau who will be in attendance for a double-bill of his films and up and coming film-maker Tom Lin.

The selection looks excellent with many European premieres and some titles that are genuinely great like Adrift in Tokyo, Instant Swamp and some titles I’m aching to see like Woman Knight of Mirror Lake and Yellow Sea (directed by Na Hong-jin who gave us the brutal and tense thriller The Chaser). There’s also Yuya Ishii’s Mitsuko Delivers, his follow up to the hilarious Sawako Decides.

Enough from me, here’s the programme direct from the website:


Friday 2nd March 2012


18:00 – Drinks Reception and Buffet

18:45 – Opening Speeches

19:00 – Adrift in Tokyo (101min)

Rei Ayanami in Adrift in Tokyo

21:00 – Woman Knight of Mirror Lake (115min) EUROPEAN PREMIERE

Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

Saturday 3rd March 2012


13:00 – In The Pool (101min + 30min director & actress Q&A) UK PREMIERE

In the Pool - The Doctor is in

16:00 – The Yellow Sea (157min)

Yellow Sea

19:45 – Bloodtraffick EUROPEAN PREMIERE

20:00 – True Women For Sale (90min + 30min director Q&A) EUROPEAN PREMIERE

True Women for Sale


Sunday 4th March 2012


13:00 – Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers (90min)

Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers

15:00 – Mitsuko Delivers (109min)

Mitsuko Delivers

18:30 – Closing Speeches & Awards (30min)

19:00 – Starry Starry Night (99min + 30min director Q&A) EUROPEAN PREMIERE

Starry Starry Night You can purchase tickets from the website and for more information check out the other parts of the website.

East Winds Poster

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