Whose Film Is It Anyway?

Sounds like an awesome TV game-show based on movies but it’s actually The Japan Foundation’s www.jpf-film.org.uk which sees a season of Japanese films by contemporary Japanese auteurs which will move between seven cities:

Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Nottingham, Sheffield

The emphasis seems to be on originality which is pretty intriguing. Anybody who has read this blog or watched the Japanese film charts recently will be more than aware that many films are adaptations of manga, anime and novels (Berserk, Arakawa Under the Bridge and Villain). The organisers are well aware of this and have chosen a line-up that looks pretty exciting so here are the details straight from the website:

Whose Film Is It Anyway?

A Season of Japanese Films by Contemporary Japanese Auteurs

10 February to 28 March 2012

Following last year’s successful Back To the Future: Japanese Cinema since the mid-90s season, this year’s Japan Foundation touring film programme looks at narrative creativity in Japanese cinema, showcasing directors both young and emerging, such as Miwa Nishikawa and Takatsugu Naito, and the more established, such as Masayuki Suo (the director best-known for Shall We Dance)…

Having successfully forged and retained their own identities within what is one of the largest film markets in the world, these directors reject the “safe” formulaic film model and instead choose to pursue their own methods of expressing themselves through film. Audiences will be able to hear the individual directors’ voices, whilst also being exposed to characteristics and techniques of some of the best examples of auteur directors from Japan.

The Dark Harbour (Futoko)

When recording a video message for a matchmaking party, solitary fisherman Manzo makes an unusual discovery.

Dir: Takatsugu Naito, 2009, 101 mins, English subtitles


Dear Doctor


A young medical graduate opts for a job in a remote mountain village, where everything is not as it seems.

Dir: Miwa Nishikawa, 2009, 127 mins, English subtitles

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