Terracotta Release Red Light Revolution

China’s first sex-shop comedy?

Red Light Revolution Cover


Red Light Revolution

DVD Release Date: 13th February 2012

Label: Terracotta

Running Time: 91 mins.

Director: Sam Voutas

Writer: Sam Voutas

Starring: Jun Zhao, Vivid Wang, Xiduo Jiang, Masanobu Otsuka, Tess Liu, Huimin Tian, Ji Qing, Bing Bo


Shunzi (Jun Zhao) is a hard working cab driver who can’t afford to provide the life his wife Lili  wants. After getting fired from his job for disobedience and thrown out of his house by his wife, he moves in with his mother (Ji Qing) and father (Huimin Tian). Living with his parents and dead broke things look bad but he has a brain-wave – open an adult toy shop. Unfortunately he knows nothing about the adult entertainment industry and winds up stuck with a supplier who turns out to be a violent gangster and a conservative neighbourhood watch that harasses him. Shunzi could lose everything but so could a gradually building customer base which means the game is on to save the shop.

The Gang's All Here in Red Light Revolution

DVD extra features:

  • Directors intro
  • Deleted scenes
  • Audience Q&A’s at Terracotta Festival & Wuhan Film Club
  • Making of….
  • Featurette: Art Auction


The facts are pretty startling

1: Number of sex shops in Beijing in 1996

2000+: Number of sex shops in Beijing in 2010

1.3 trillion: Number of condoms made in China every year

70%: Percentage of world’s sex toys made in China

Shanghai: Site of the world’s largest sex expo

10,000 +: Number of sex toys companies in China

1: Number of feature films about these shops

So there’s a lot of smutty material to mine here but director Sam Voutas has aimed high by referencing the socio-economic backdrop and he has assembled a fine cast of actors including Masanobu Otsuka (the critically acclaimed City of Life and Death), Tess Liu (Karate Kid), Ji Qing (Gasp).

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