Third Windows Film Releases Adrift in Tokyo on DVD

Miki Satoshi who directed Instant Swamp and Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers is getting another film released courtesy of Third Window Films:

Adrift in Tokyo

Cool Adrift DVD CaseDVD Release Date: 27th February 2012

Running Time: 101 mins.

Director: Miki Satoshi

Writer: Miki Satoshi

Starring: Jo Odagiri, Kyoko Koizumi, Achiro Fukuhara, Eri Fuse, Ryo Iwamatsu, Yutaka Matsushige, Reona Hirota, Yoshizumi Ishihara, Ittoku Kishibe, Kumiko Aso


Fumiya (Jo Odagiri) is broke and lazy. He has been a university student for 8 years and owes money to loan sharks and one day a man named Fukuhara comes to collect. Unfortunately Fumiya cannot pay so Fukuhara makes a proposition: He will cancel the debt as long as Fumiya agrees to walk with him across Tokyo to the police station of Kasumigaseki, where he intends to turn himself in for a crime he deeply regrets.  Fumiya accepts the deal which is the start of a journey which will lead them to various unusual encounters, most of all with themselves.


Anamorphic widescreen transfer with optional English subtitles

70 Minute ‘Making Of’

Theatrical Trailer

Adrift in Tokyo has a good pedigree: it is based on the original novel by Naoki Prize winner Yoshinaga Fujita and is described as “a fascinating, humorous and wildly clever film that is sure to charm you.” The film won Best Script / Best Film at the 2007 Fantasia Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor for Miura at the Kinema Junpo Awards.

Sounds good but the real draw is the director Miki Satoshi who has directed some really good films. Furthermore Adrift in Tokyo stars Jo Odagiri (Air Doll, My Way, Bright Future, Dream), Kyoko Koizumi (Tokyo Sonata, Quirky Guys and Gals, Survive Style 5+) and Tomokazu Miura (Outrage, My Back Page, Always: Sunset on Third Street). It also has someone cosplaying Rei Ayanami from Eva.

Rei Ayanami in Adrift in Tokyo

I’m sold!

On a related note a limited edition collection of Miki Satoshi’s work (Adrift in Tokyo, Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers and Instant Swamp) will be released and both Miki Satoshi and Eri Fuse will be in the UK on the week of release for Hyper Japan (25th – 26th Feb) and the East Winds Film Festival (2nd – 4th March). Sounds awesome. If you love Japanese film now’s your chance to meet to of Japanese cinema’s brightest stars!

5 thoughts on “Third Windows Film Releases Adrift in Tokyo on DVD

  1. Raku

    It’s a good film, would love to see more from the characters…….Missed out on a screening of it at Raindance in 2008 so I picked up the Evokative release but I’ve also pre-ordered the Miki Satoshi Collection even though I own all the movies already lol.

  2. Raku

    You should check out some of his tv work too if you haven’t already, Time Limit Investigator and more recently Atami no Sousakan are both good.

    Actually I might have to re-watch Time Limit Investigator, haven’t revisited in a while.

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