Film Festivals

Okay I admit that I’m behind on the whole covering film festivals thing what with Sundance being over and Rotterdam starting and not a squeak from me. To be honest I only pay attention to Berlin, Cannes, Venice, London and Toronto but if I’m going to cover Japanese films then I better take all festivals seriously. If you want an idea of how to do festival coverage properly try Bonjour’s blog.

Anyway here I go!


There are a lot of titles that caught my eye (2 Days in New York, Grabbers, Red Lights) but only two major titles which concerned Japan.

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

Running Time: 39 mins.

Director: Lucy Walker

Music: Moby

British documentarian Lucy Walker focuses on the survivors of Japan’s recent tsunami and their efforts to rebuild. It was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Short category.


About the Pink Sky

Release Date: N/A

Running Time: 113 mins.

Director: Keiichi Kobayashi

Writer: Keiichi Kobayashi

Starring: Ai Ikeda, Ena Koshino, Reiko Fujiwara, Tsubasa Takayama, Hakusyu Togetsuan

This is Keiichi Kobayashi’s debut film and it comes with some hype after winning Japanese Eyes best picture at the Tokyo International Film Festival last year.

Izumi is a cheerfully cynical high-school girl who has a strange hobby: rating newspaper articles for positivity and negativity. One day she finds a wallet containing 300,000 yen and the owner’s ID: Sato, a wealthy schoolmate. Izumi decides to lend it to a friend in financial straits but her classmates Hasumi and Kaoru force to return the wallet to Sato, but, unable to return the money she agrees to help Sato console a sick friend by creating a good news newspaper.

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