Kill Me Baby

My first anime of the winter season can be filed under extremely cute. I can’t believe I’m falling for a high school anime but I found Kill Me Baby full of many amusing scenes and the voice acting hilarious. I found its use of not so normal kids approaching everyday situations in not so normal ways entertaining and fun

Kill Me Baby Dog Attack
Based on a four-panel comic strip Kill Me Baby follows air-head Yasuna (Chinatsu Akasaki) and her classmate Sonya (Mutsumi Tamura). Things might be normal if it weren’t for the fact that Sonya just happens to be an assassin who still has to go to school. Now Yasuna finds everyday life is disrupted by Sonya’s killer-instinct.
Yasuna and Sonya are nice kids who always do the unexpected thanks to Sonya’s killing skills which is where the fun lies.

Kill Me Baby's First AssassinationThere are a lot of random elements and it will be interesting to see if the anime can keep them up. I must admit to liking the high school ghost story and the way it introduced a new character and there’s a lot of mileage in seeing Sonya’s indignation at having her deadly skills used for menial tasks.

The animation is simple but cute and the voices actors’ sound like they’re having fun. I can see myself watching this with glee.