New Years Resolutions – The Battle Was Just to Continue that Future!

Welcome to my last post of the year.

2011 has been a rather good year for me and it has seen my blog grow. At the start of the year I took a rather scatter-shot approach to content which saw me post about anything and everything. Then I developed a focus on films because I go to the cinema nearly every week and regularly write to film magazines and the BBC’s various film and culture programmes. Thankfully I made the decision to focus on Asian cinema in general and Japanese cinema in particular which allowed me to focus on an area I have long been passionate about and to contribute to the awareness of Asian cinema.

In the second half of 2011 I implemented things like a post schedule, Japanese trailer round-ups and reports on the Japanese box-office charts so 2012 will see me continue along this path as I aim to improve my posts. Okay that sounds like a new year’s resolution so here is the rest:

My resolutions for 2012

In 2012, I’ll watch Eiichi Kudo’s 13 Assassins! – as suggested by m from Wildgrounds in my last post,

In 2012, I’ll try and formalise my review structure – there have been different variations and my early reviews didn’t even have scores (gasp),

In 2012, I’ll start a chanbara season (a bit of a no-brainer and an excuse to watch my DVD of Gohatto more than once),

In 2012, I’ll spotlight directors, films and film distributors and try and bring a much more rigorous approach to reviews,

In 2012, I’ll get more involved with film culture by going to festivals,

In the first week of 2012, I will pick the Spring season anime I will watch and finish them quickly instead of dragging them out over a year,

In 2012, I’ll practice writing my Kanji every day and not once a week,

In 2012, I’ll try not to bore you… and I’ll try to get a handle on commas…

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