Revenge: A Love Story UK DVD Release

Terracotta’s horror imprint, Terror-Cotta is following up Death Bell with Wong Ching Po’s  Revenge: A Love Story.

Revenge: A Love Story Terror-Cotta DVD Case

DVD release of ‘REVENGE: A LOVE STORY’ (CERT 18) on 9th January 2012

A film by Wong Ching Po


·         Making Of,

·         Director Interview,

·         Producer Interview,

·         Trailers,

·         “What is Terracotta Festival?” Featurette.

This Hong Kong thriller is a dark and bloody serial killer film telling the killer’s side of the story. It has garnered some excellent reviews . Check the trailer to see more!



Police are investigating a serial killer who targets pregnant women. The media have labeled him ‘The Dissector’ and are running sensationalist headlines such as “Pregnant woman dissected alive, husband put to death in 100 degrees boiling water”.

The police arrive at the scene of a murder and undercover detectives Jeff and Kwok Wah (Chin Siu Ho, Tony Ho) are combing the area to find a known suspect, Chan Kit, and bring him in for questioning. Chan Kit remains silent throughout the physically brutal interrogation and is released without charge.

If Chan Kit is not the killer, then who is? The story unfolds step by step, jumping with flashbacks as to how Chan Kit is linked to the group of undercover policeman in the first place and the pain he has silently endured; this is a story about unconditional love.

Sounds like intriguing stuff and the cast is pretty impressive with Juno Mak (Dream Home), Japanese adult video superstar Sola Aoi (Big Tits Zombie), Chin Siu Ho (The Lost Bladesman, Vampire Warriors, Battle of Wits), and Tony Ho Wah Chiu (Infernal Affairs, New Police Story).

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