Noroi: The Curse ノロイ (2005)

Noroi - The Curse Tape HeaderThis found footage film opens with the narrator stating: “This video documentary is deemed too disturbing for public viewing”

Which had me responding, “Really? Awesome”

Noroi - The Curse - Masafumi Kobayashi and Two WitnessesMasafumi Kobayashi is a TV journalist who has been chronicling supernatural phenomenom since 1995. At first he is investigating a mysterious case of disembodied voices surrounding a woman named Junko Ishii (Maria Takagi) and her son but he soon gets involved in a number of cases that are seemingly unrelated. One is of a young girl named Kana Yano (Rio Kanno) who has amazing psychic powers and another concerns the celebrity Marika Matsumoto who has encountered a ghost. At first they seem to be separate but it soon becomes clear that they are linked by a 200 year old curse.

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