Berserk – Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme King, The Dinosaurs Before Dark, Outrage, Trailers

Some trailers and DVD releasing information for anybody interested in Japanese films and anime… especially Berserk

Berserk – Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme King

Release date: January 2012

Running time: N/A

Director: Toshiyuki Kubooka

Starring: Hiroaki Iwanaga (Guts), Takahiro Sakurai (Griffith), Toa Yukinari (Casca), Aki Toyosaki (Charlotte) Kenta Miyake (Nosferatu Zodd), Minako Kotobuki (Rickert), Kazuki Yao (Gaston)

My first taste of Beserk since playing the Dreamcast game. Thanks to a cover-disk on Neo magazine I then watched the first episode and found it dull and I never really got into it. This trailer looks much more exciting.

Due out in Japanese theatres in January 2012 this  is the first of a trilogy of movies based on Miura Kentarō’s original Beserk manga covering the Golden Age Arc (vols. 3-13). Animated by Studio 4°C, it has been directed by Toshiyuki Kubooka who has worked as animation director on notable titles like Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Christo), Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, and the Working Through Pain Segment of Batman:Gotham Knight.

Interestingly, the trailer features a sample of the film’s main theme, Aria, which was composed by electronic artist Hirsawa Susumu (Paprika, Paranoia Agent) who workedcomposed the soundtracks for the series and videgames as well as the closing theme Utsukushikumono by Ai. This is also another sign of Warner Bros. increased presence in the Japanese film industry where they are distributing or making titles like Paradise Kiss and Higanjima. The CGI doesn’t convince but the rest of the chaos does a this is my chance to get involved in what many consider to be a classic franchise.

The Dinosaurs Before Dark

Release date: 7th January 2012

Running time: N/A

Director: Hiroshi Nishikiori

Starring: Keiko Kitagawa, Mana Ashida

The trailer for the anime adaptation of “The Dinosaurs Before Dark” was premiered at The Tokyo International Film Festival. Why am I interested about this? Well it is directed by Hirsohi Nishikori who is the director two hit shows: Toaru Majutsu no Index and Azumanga Daioh.

The Dinosaurs Before Dark is part of American author Mary Pope Osborne’s series of books named The Magic Tree House started in 1992. The story focuses two siblings: eight-year-old Jack and seven-year-old Rin. The two go on adventures through time thanks to a magic tree house owned by a mysterious woman named Morgan. In this movie they travel back to the Cretaceous Period and it looks like there’s some pirate action. To be honest I have no idea about the books but they are popular in Japan and that is reflected in the anime adaptation’s impressive staff-list with Hiroshi Nishikiori, working off a script by Ichiro Okouchi, writer on shows like Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Azumanga Daioh. Yoshiaki Yanagida (Genshiken, Spirit of Wonder – classics!) designed the characters and supervised the animation process. Jack is voiced by Keiko Kitagawa who starred in the recent live-action Paradise Kiss and Rin is voiced by Mana Ashida, who took on the role of Rin in the recent live-action adaptation of Usagi Drop.


Release date: 14th November 2011 (DVD) 12th June 2010 (Japanese Theatrical)

Running time: 109 mins.

Director: Takeshi Kitano

Starring: Takeshi Kitano, Kippei Shiina, Ryo Kase, Renji Ishibashi Takashi Tsukamoto, Eihi Shiina


Takeshi Kitano’s return to the Yakuza picture in Outrage fell a bit flat in Cannes 2010 with some criticising it for lacking in every department except violence which was stylish and brutal. I’m sure that will be enough for genre-fans, the trailer left me cold. Anyway StudioCanal (formerly Optimum) announced details of their DVD/Blu-Ray release set for the 14th of November. It includes a making of documentary, cast and crew interviews, artwork and trailer. You can order pre-order from Amazon.

I mentioned Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water earlier, well that anime classic is getting a re-release in on the Blu-Ray format and the box set has some gorgeous artwork from Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. I want it.

13 thoughts on “Berserk – Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme King, The Dinosaurs Before Dark, Outrage, Trailers

  1. Vashdaman

    Outrage is coming out on the 14th!? Great news! I alsways look forward to a Kitano flick and especially this as it looks to be a fine return to his uber violent gangster form.

  2. I’m definitely excited about the Berserk movie. In my opinion, the first episode is the worst in the series, which also covers the Golden Age Arc. After the first episode it jumps directly into a the past events which make up the arc.

    I’m not that surprised that Hirasawa Susumu is involved in with the new movie since most of the music from the series was composed by him. The music definitely adds to the feel of the anime.

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      I have to admit that the trailer has left me looking forward to the movie as well. As far as the TV show goes I can’t say that I’ll be watching it any time soon (especially if I watch the film) but news that it picks up after the first episode explains why it has such a rabid fan-base. Hirasawa Susumu’s involvement will have me looking for the soundtrack! His soundtrack for Paranoia Agent is awesome.

  3. jugganaut

    I’m glad there doin a movie with beserk but im disapointed there goin over the same stuff that was in the anime series. I was hoping for them to continue the story cuz the anime had a really horrible ending. And it was outta the blue too, they saved grif then all the sudden they threw them into “hell” and pretty much killed off all the characters and left guts/ caska seemingly hopeless, then it ended I really hope they atleast change that or i wont be watchin it.

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      It sounds like the ending for the original TV series was a complete mess. I think that this is the reboot the franchise needs. It offers a great way to introduce the story to a new audience and hopefully it will resolve a lot of issues with the original series. This is the first of three movies so hopefully it can satisfy fans both old and new and pave the way for more adaptations of the franchise.

      1. Joey

        It’s funny that the “Berserk has a terrible rushed/botched ending” thing is repeated so much. You’d think people would realize the anime simply got canceled at a big culmination of events. It’s of course too bad, but yeah, that’s why this is awesome, Miura’s redoing all the story arcs from the earliest chronologicly to where he is in the manga today. What are we up to now, volume 36? the anime started around vol 4 and went till i think 13. so there is a lot to do, and i can’t wait!

  4. SHane

    The first anime was the first Berserk I saw and it had me hooked. Then after starting to read the manga I saw where they missed out alot. They kinda screw themselves over with the anime tv series cause they didnt put in alot of characters (another reason it ended how it did). If you havent seen or read anything of it def start with the anime tv series but then read the manga. Nothing beats that.
    Im glad their starting the new movies from the start so they can retell the story right.

  5. Nadia

    I’ve to say I disagree with almost everything you said about Berserk. First, you were too fast to abandon watching the Berserk anime (not that I judge, after watching the first episode I was ready to throw any pretences of watching the rest… happily, I was forced to watch the second episode… and from there on, it’s sheer epicness) So, just to tell you, you cannot base the old Berserk on the first chapter – which is in fact a filler supposed to act as a summary of the first arc, and failing miserably. That series was brilliant.

    So you know, I was looking forwards to the new Berserk movies a lot…. now I don’t any more, that trailer just killed it. I already knew they had messed up the art like whoa (anime version was WAY more similar to the original manga art), but the music? Evangelion OST? Completely disgusted by the sound of that. And what’s worse of all, Warner produces it! They haven’t done a single good adaptation movie since I can remember… Also, if you complain they missed several details in the anime, expect a lot MORE of details missed in THREE MOVIES! Seriously I’ve little to no hopes now. I also thought they were picking the story from were the anime left. Now it just looks like an attempt to keep getting “da easy moneys” from one of the biggest franchises in history, and no less than one of the best fiction of all times. If they kill Berserk, I’m going to utterly destroy them!!! They’re getting so much fanhate-craze mails their eyes are going to bleed.

    1. Passionate response! I have to say I’m swayed. I write on Anime UK News and their last podcast focussed on Berserk which made it sound much more interesting than I expected. I highly suggest you check it because they have just as much passion as you.

      At the risk of releasing more of your wrath the first ten minutes of the film were streamed online as well. I have to say that I wasn’t impressed by the CGI but I liked the action. The review on Anime News Network have generally been positive. Unfortunately the anime has flopped in the Japanese charts much like some other Warner Bros. Japan titles. One does not hold out much hope for the forthcoming Rurouni Kenshin adaptation.

  6. Nadia

    XD Don’t worry, I’ll keep my wrath under wraps, and any links that redirect to Berserk-related stuff is appareciated. I’m a major fan and that manga doesn’t get enough love.

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