Shikoku 死国 (1999)

Pulling Back the Curtains on the Supernatural in Shikoku Shikoku Basic InformationAfter watching so many J-hora films that shamelessly ape the Ringu’s ghosts and tech formula, Shikoku feel very old fashioned with its slow-moving plot and use of Shinto ceremonies and Japanese folk-lore over psychic powers and videotapes.

As a child Hinako lived in a small town named Yaku on the island of Shikoku and had two best friends, Fumiya, a boy Hinako had a crush on and Sayori, a spirit-medium who is destined to be the local shrine priestess. One day Hinako’s father gets a job in Tokyo and she is separated from her friends. Many years later she has returned in order to sell her parent’s house but she also encounters many memories and childhood friends who have moved on. Apart from Sayori who drowned during high school. Hinako is troubled by visions of Sayori but a romance blossoms between her and Fumiya. Bad things start to happen as people begin to get haunted and decide that Hinako’s return is to blame. 

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